How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

Confused how to make an Instagram highlight cover or cool IG highlight cover? How do you make a cool and attractive icon? Don’t worry, IPAGuides will tell you an easy tutorial, you can just use a cellphone!

What is highlight cover/cover highlights Instagram?

Instagram has a feature called “highlights”the Indonesian is “highlight”. Don’t know which one?

That’s the round shape below our profile or bio.

As we know, IG Stories will disappear after 24 hours.

Well, the function of Instagram highlights is to group or save IG Stories so that our followers can see them again.

For example, if you have an online shop, you can group your highlights for information about products, testimonials from customers, etc.

To make our Instagram feed look attractive, we can also create something called an Instagram highlight cover or an IG highlight cover.

Take a look at Instagram guys influencerssurely they will make a cover with a cute icon.

instagram highlight cover example
Example of my instagram highlight cover

IG aesthetic highlight cover example

Here are some examples of IG aesthetic highlight covers:

cover photo highlight ig
ig aesthetic highlight cover example
highlight cover ig
picture for ig spotlight

You can also find inspiration through the pinterest application. In this application there are lots of designs that you can download for.

ig aesthetic highlight example
sample highlight cover

How to make an IG highlight cover or Instagram Highlight Cover

You only need a cellphone to make an IG highlight cover. Just download the application called “Canva”.

If you don’t know about Canva, you can read my previous article about tutorials or how to use the Canva application.

How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

Here’s how to create an IG highlight cover or Instagram highlight cover using the Canva app:

1. Open the Canva app on your phone

2. Type “Instagram Story Highlight Cover” in the search section. It’s located at the top. Later there will be many templates which you can choose.
how to make highlight cover

3. Select “illustration” to change the icon. After selecting the desired template, you will enter the editor section.

Select part illustrations To find the appropriate icon, just enter the name of the desired icon in the search section. You can also edit colors, words, and place icons as you want.

edit instagram highlight cover icon

4. Download the finished edits.

You can see an example of my edited Instagram highlight cover in the image below. Because of the theme travelingI used the temple icon for Thailand and the kangaroo for Australia.

how to make instagram highlight cover
how to edit instagram highlight cover

How to put IG highlight or highlight on Instagram

After being the highlight cover, you just need to follow these steps to install or create highlight or highlight on Instagram:

1. Enter the Instagram app

2. Select the circle with the + . icon which is located below your bio.

how to make instagram highlights

3. Select stories that you want to add to the highlights.

make instagram highlights

4. Select “edit cover” then select the smallest icon, later you will be directed to the cellphone gallery to choose the IG highlight cover you want.

How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

5. Add highlight name. So come on!

How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

Tips for making an attractive IG highlight cover

As we discussed, Instagram highlight cover images should be designed to instantly grab the attention of the audience.

Instagram highlights are also important as an Instagram marketing strategy that can be applied to increase followers too.

How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

Here are tips you can follow when creating an Instagram highlight cover:

1. Must be able to directly explain the contents of the highlight

The highlight cover or Instagram highlight cover must be able to directly explain what the highlight contains.

An example of a traveling IG highlight like the one I made, I made an icon that immediately explained the characteristics of the country.

In addition, I also added words that were right when I saw it, I knew it was in the form of my traveling to that country.

How to Make a Highlight Cover / Cool IG Highlight Cover!

2. Consistent design

Make an Instagram cover that has a consistent design with the same theme to make it look attractive.

For example, Anggey’s Instagram profile highlight cover or also known as her_journeys has a consistent theme.

cool ig highlight cover example

3. Use attractive icons to highlight IG

An IG highlight cover image should be visually appealing and eye-catching. You can use pictures, icons, or other beautiful illustrations to create cool covers.

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cool ig highlight profile

It’s easy how to make an instagram highlight cover or cool IG highlight cover via cellphone? If you’ve made it, comment on this article with your Instagram account name so I can check your highlights!

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