How to make an ID card for your pet cat

How to make an ID card for your pet cat

How to make an ID card for your pet cat

Having a pet cat at home, of course, is very fun to play with because cats are tame animals. As a form of affection, do you know that we can make ID card for cat.

Moreover, you have many types of cats at home with various unique names. The ID card for this cat is just for fun, not for an official identity card, it’s funny if there are rules for animals.

With a little help, the cat ID application site will make it easier for us to make it. The data file that we must prepare is a photo of your cat’s face.

How to make a cat ID card

Indeed, for those of you who just know, that the phenomenon on social media about this cat’s ID card was viral, especially for lovers of the Persian, Bengal, Siamese, Maine Coon, and others cat breeds, an ID card can be made.

The cat ID card is just for fun or entertainment, you all can make it easily online.

1. Open the cellphone then go to the browser, suggest use Google Chrome then go to this address

If the link can’t be accessed or it takes a long time to process, you can use an alternative link:

2. Next, you fill in the cat’s ID card data completely, such as the title of the letterhead, name, gender, address, food, owner, validity period.

How to make an ID card for your pet cat

3. After that, next is the design of the cat ID card, such as blank design, stamp design, letterhead logo design, and letterhead border line design.

– To be similar to the original Indonesian ID card, choose the model blank the first, if you click the button Next.

How to make an ID card for your pet cat

4. After that you will be directed to the page Upload cat photo, select the file where you save the cat face photo.

How to make an ID card for your pet cat

5. The last you clicked the button View and Create Download Link to display the Cat’s ID card. tap button Download at the top to save it to the internal memory.

ID card for cat

How? the results are good, just like the original ID card in general. Besides being used for cats, we can actually use this for other pets. For example, if you have a goat, you can also make a goat ID card so that it is complete, hehehe.

Ok, that’s all, that’s how to make an ID card for a favorite cat.

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