How to make Korean-style make-up to beautify your appearance

When watching K-drama or K-pop female idols, you also want to imitate the visible make-up flawless. Well, here are some video tutorials on how to make Korean-style makeup that you can use as a reference. Make sure you follow the steps in a coherent way so that the results obtained can be maximized, yes.

Apart from K-pop fever, women in Indonesia also like to dress up in the style of this Ginseng Country. If you are one of them, in this article there is a Korean-style make-up that you can see. In addition, in this article there are also videos to make it easier for you to learn how to dress up Korean looks.

This face makeup is perfect for your daily use. Basically, this Korean-style make-up is very simple and has a natural impression.

Therefore, how to make Korean-style makeup is very important for you to learn. So you can be seen flawless with simple and unpretentious make-up.

If you can apply Korean-style make-up correctly, of course you will look beautiful like a Korean artist. What woman doesn’t want to look like Song Hye Kyo? Well, therefore, let’s look directly at how to make Korean-style makeup step by step in this article!

1. How to Make Up Korean-style Lips

Video: YouTube – Intan Noviasari

One of the attractions of this Kimchi Country-style makeup is the lip makeup. No Korean look her name if you don’t do ombre lips. Not only does it look natural and adorable, this ombre lip makeup can also make you look fresher.

How to make this ombre lip makeup is not difficult. You can make the makeup using liptint, lip cream, lip gloss, and other lip colors.

Before starting the tutorial, make sure you have the equipment ready. Of course, the equipment needed is not much.

You just need to prepare concealer for lips. If you don’t have it, use foundation no problem either.

Then, prepare lip color with bright and fresh colors. Choose shade pink, peaches, or orange. This color is commonly used by Korean artists.

When your equipment is complete, it’s time to start the Korean-style makeup method for your lips. If you have dry lips, the first thing you need to do is keep your lips moisturised.

Dry lip skin will make you look less beautiful. So that the ombre results on your lips are more beautiful, apply lip balm colorless first.

After that, apply concealer thinly all over the lips. Make sure you apply it evenly all over your lips.

If you have finished leveling concealer, apply your lip color on the middle third of the lips. Then make a color gradation between the middle lip and the edges using your finger gently and slowly. Make sure the inner lip color is darker than the outside.

So that your lips look more glowing and fresh, apply lip gloss as a finishing touch. How to make Korean-style makeup for your lips is very easy, right? You can practice it yourself while watching the video above to make it easier,

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2. How to Make Up Korean Style For Acne Face

Video: YouTube – Alifah Ratu Saelynda

The next Korean-style make-up is for acne-prone faces. Many women from Korea have smooth and flawless skin.

While in Indonesia, many women have facial acne. But don’t worry, you can still get good results flawless ala Korean look even if your face is blotchy.

Before starting to preen, it would be better if you apply primary which is made of gel on your facial skin. This is useful for smoothing the surface of the skin, making it easier to apply makeup.

After that apply cushion as a basic make-up on your face. Cushion this as a substitute foundations, because the women in this Ginseng Country don’t like using foundations. Besides that, cushion It is also effective in covering your acne.

You can buy it at the nearest shops or through online shop like Instagram. Choose cushion with shade that matches your skin tone.

Done with basic makeup, it’s time to apply powder on your face. Choose shade powder according to your skin color, so the results are more natural. Lightly polish with powder brush for more results flawless.

The next step is eye makeup. In this Ginseng Country usually use eyeshadow with the color warm, like brown and gold.

Apply thinly to your eyelids, while for the lower eye area use a dark brown color. After that, use eyeliner in line with the upper lashes. To make your eyes look bigger, use mascara to curl your eyelashes.

The next step is to apply blush on your cheek. You can choose the color blush pink or peach to make your appearance more fresh.

For those who have round face cheeks, you can apply contour on the cheekbones. This is one way of Korean-style make-up for a round face to make it look thinner.

How to make Korean-style makeup for acne prone faces is easy and short, right? To understand better, watch the video directly above, OK!

3. Korean-style make-up for tan skin

Video: YouTube – Dara Nitya

The next Korean-style make-up is for tan skin. Unlike women in Korea, who are mostly white, in Indonesia there are many who have brown skin.

However, you can still use this Korean-style makeup for your makeup. Here are some steps you can take to appear Korean look with tan skin

The first step in Korean-style make-up for tan skin is to use colored makeup beige. To show the charm of your exotic skin, use makeup with colors beige is the right choice. You can choose a foundation like BB cream and cushion with a brown color or matching the color of your skin.

After that, choose a brownish powder color or according to your skin color. Avoid powder that is white or bright, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

How to make Korean-style makeup for tan skin next is to give makeup on the cheeks with blushes. Cheek makeup in style dreamy look very popular with this artist from the land of Kimchi.

For those of you who have tan skin, try to look stylish dreamy look by applying blush color peach on cheek. This makeup can make you look more beautiful and stunning.

To make your look more dazzling and cute, add eye makeup with a touch of color gold. Avoid color eyeshadow bright, because it will make your appearance look menor.

The final step in Korean-style makeup is to use the right lipstick color. You can use a muted lipstick color like peaches.

Even if you have tan skin, you will still be able to use a muted lipstick color. However, avoid color nude, yes. Lipstick with nude shades will make your face look darker.

How to make Korean-style makeup for tan skin above is very easy, right? Don’t forget to take photos selfie if your makeup is ready, yes.

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Natural Beauty with Korean Natural Makeup

So, you already know how to make Korean-style makeup? Easy and simple to practice, right? Of course, this Korean-style makeup method is suitable for those of you who are learning to dress up.

This makeup trend is also suitable for women who want to look beautiful and charming but don’t want to be complicated. What are you waiting for? Come on, immediately practice this Korean-style natural make-up!

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