How to Make Money from Creating a Blog

How to earn money from blogging? One way to make money online is by creating a monetized website/blog. There are many ways that can be done to get income from blogs, either through affiliate programs, sponsorships or becoming a Google Adsense publisher.

You can make blogs as passive income or active income. The key to success as a blogger is staying committed. That means you have to post articles regularly, build a community, and keep your content interesting.

Well this article discusses how to create a blog and how to earn money from a blog. Want to know how? Let’s see the explanation.

1. Create Your Own Blog

To make money from a blog, the first thing you have to do is create a blog. Blogs are your medium to earn money. To create your blog, there are several steps you can take. Anything?

  1. Determining the Blog Platform, To create a blog, There are many platforms that can be used, such as; Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. But the easiest to use are Blogspot and WordPress, for the most flexible, WordPress. In this case, we choose the self-hosted WordPress platform.
  2. Buying Domain, Domain is the address of your website/blog, If you use Blogspot you don’t have to buy a domain, but your website url will be longer because it uses the subdomain. You have to choose a good domain name because it becomes the address, name, and brand of your blog. You can buy cheap domains at Jagoan Hosting.
  3. Buying Hosting, WordPress is divided into two (Hosted) and (self-hosted). Because we use self-hosted wordpress to be more flexible in managing blogs, then we need hosting. Make sure to use a hosting that has the best performance so it doesn’t go down. You can use Cloud Shared Hosting from Jagoan Hosting.
  4. Install WordPressAfter you have a domain and hosting you can start creating your blog by installing wordpress. If you use hosting from a hosting expert, to install wordpress it only takes a few clicks and your blog can be online.

id="2-konfigurasi-blog-kamu">2. Configure Your Blog

After your blog has been created, you can start configuring your blog. What is configured? You can configure the website title, website description, permalinks, themes and plugins for your website.

For the website title, you can configure it according to your own wishes, you can adjust it to the domain name you bought. For website descriptions, you can add according to your website description in terms of content and your purpose for creating a blog.

For permalink configuration, Use easy to remember or write permalinks, For example; As for the themes and plugins you can adjust to the type of your blog.

3. Creating Content for Your Blog

You must already have an idea about the content that you will create, Create interesting and useful content for other people so that they are interested in your blog. Don’t let the content you create violate the policies because it can impact your website from being monetized.


the key to success in getting money from a blog is to be consistent, you have to be consistent in creating content. Make your blog and content a reference for others because of the quality and quantity of content you create.

You can post 1 article every day or 3 times a week, We recommend that every week there are 1-2 articles posted on your blog. This shows if your blog is active.

To make it easier for you to create content, make sure you master and like the content you create. This reduces your boredom later in creating content.

4. Start Making Money from Blog

How to earn money from blogs? There are many ways and ways to make money through blogs. So here are some ways to make money from a blog:

  1. Become a Google Adsense Publisher, Google Adsense is an advertising cooperation platform organized by Google. When you register to become a Google Adsense publisher and are approved as a publisher, your website can display ads that will be your source of income.
  2. Become Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate marketing is one way to make money, you can use your blog to share your affiliate link. To get a bigger income, make sure that the affiliate marketing program that you follow is in accordance with your blog’s niche.
  3. Sponsorship, If you have a blog that is quite famous and has a lot of visitors, you will find it easier to earn money, one of which is sponsorship on your blog. Sponsors will usually pay you simply by placing a banner on your blog.
  4. Product ReviewYou can earn money by reviewing other people’s products. This is usually done by the person who owns the product to introduce the product. If you have a large number of targeted visitors, you can more easily get people to pay you just by reviewing the product.
  5. Content PlacementOne of the ways you can earn money through blogs is to accept content placements. Content placement is usually in the form of a review or just wanting to get a backlink from your blog. If you have a high-quality website, it will be easier for you to get content placement requests.

5. Optimize Your Blog To Get More Money

So that you can earn more money you have to optimize your website. You can optimize website loading, search engine optimization, and optimize your google ads ad placement.

Search engine optimization (SEO) Helps you in getting more visitors to your website which is the source of your income. For SEO optimization you can start by installing a seo plugin for wordpress and start learning SEO techniques.

Placing google adsense ads can’t be arbitrary, you have to put ads in places that are optimally clicked by visitors. That’s how to create a blog and earn money from a blog. Let’s start creating your website and start making money by utilizing your blog.

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