How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos

How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos
How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos

How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos – In this digital era, when you hear the word YouTuber, some people will focus on video content and, of course, the income you get from video content. A large number of subscribers and, of course, the number of viewers in one video is a source of income for a YouTuber.

How To Make Money From Youtube Without Uploading Videos?

Method 1: By Republishing Popular Videos Using the Creative Commons (CC) feature

What are Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a license that provides a standard way for content creators to permit others to use their works. So the creator can allow his works to be used and edited by any party.


way, you can publish videos on YouTube without having to upload the videos yourself. You can republish popular videos already available in the Creative Commons area. Of course, the videos available on Creative Commons have licensed videos where the video owner shares the video for free.

Then, what are the ways and steps to be able to republish popular videos and earn money? Come on, see the following steps below!

  • The first thing you do, of course, is to create a YouTube account and already have a channel. Let’s say that from here, you already have a YouTube account and a ready-to-use channel.
  • Open your YouTube; after that, click on the My Channel section
  • Then click on the Video Manager section
  • After that, you click create and then enter the Video Editor section
  • In the Video Editor section, then you click on the CC section. CC is Creative Commons. In this CC, some videos can be shared for free under the Creative Commons license
  • Then, all you have to do is select the video keywords you want to search for. Remember, make sure you do keyword research first. This is so that the videos that you will re-share can be easily found
  • After finding a suitable video, you need to click on the “+” sign on the top left side of the video thumbnail
  • Then, write the title of the video in the project
  • After that, click create video and wait for the video to finish uploading

So, with the Creative Commons feature found on YouTube, you don’t need to make a video and upload it. You need to find exciting and popular videos and then share them again.

Method 2: Become one of the Youtuber crew

If thinking about building and starting from scratch to create YouTube and having an account is a bit of a hassle and a process, try volunteering to be one of the crew.

What is certain is that you need to find your friends who already have a lot of videos and have been on YouTube for a long time. Offer and make sure you are reliable and want to be involved. Because if more than one person is assisted, the task or work will be easier to do. Wouldn’t several crews help that successful and famous YouTuber?

one example is technical matters; such as:

  • Offer concepts and ideas for making videos
  • You can offer to friends to make captions such as YouTube to make it look attractive, even make a narration to make videos.
  • You can become a video editor if needed and are proficient enough. And, of course, don’t just edit one video of one YouTuber. Also, offer to other YouTubers
  • Or, if necessary, you can also become a kind of cameraman, directing and managing your YouTuber friends if the concept is a vlog.
  • Take advantage of opportunities. You can use the video content created to insert what is profitable for you. For example, if you happen to be selling a product, convince your YouTuber friends to insert the product you are selling and, of course, with an agreement.

Those are two ways to make money from YouTube without uploading videos. Even If you don’t upload videos, you can still work around it in other ways to earn money from YouTube. Come on, try it!