How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify

How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify
How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify

One of the entertainment shows that are quite cool and popular today are podcasts. Maybe you’ve seen it a lot on YouTube and other media.

A podcast is a digital audio file. Examples of applications that allow you to create podcasts include Spotify, Podbean and Anchor.

However, among the three applications, the most popular and widely used today is Spotify.

As one of the streaming music services, Spotify does not only provide music services to its users, but here there is also a service in the form of podcasts. Even further this application has also released vodcasts or video podcasts.

So that later with the video podcast, you will not only listen but also watch the conversation process carried out by the creator.

Although it is quite popularly used, spotify has not provided incentives or income to its podcast creators.

This is different from musicians because the more often music is played through the application by listeners, the musicians will also get more royalties.

But even so, it doesn’t mean that podcast activities through Spotify can’t make money. Here’s how to make money creating podcasts on spotify that you need to know.

1. Advertisement

The first way that can be done to make money by creating podcasts through Spotify is using ads.

Here when you as a creator create a podcast, it is possible to get ads. However, in order to get these ads, there are several ways that can be done, including:

2. Sell ​​Content to Brands

When you have a podcast account and the account is heard by many people, then you can sell the content to Jenama. But even so, you need to adjust the brand’s target market first.

If it turns out that the brand agrees then later you can come back to talk about the themes that need to be discussed in the podcast.

For example, product endorsements, discussing a problem that is still related to the product or discussing a campaign about the product.

How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify

3. Advertising Through Agencies

In this case, sometimes they also use agency services in creating or placing their advertisements.

The agency will contact you if your podcast account is deemed to have met their client criteria.

Before you work together, make sure that the employment contract is clear so that later it doesn’t cause problems with the agency.

An event guide is sometimes needed by an event committee. Later the advertiser wants you to be a guide in their program and the event also needs to be uploaded to your podcast account.

Being a host of an event is quite an interesting step to do because it can generate profits for advertisers.

In addition, here you will also earn income and it is also possible for you to get other jobs, such as being an MC at other events.

4. Synergize with YouTube

Podcasts will generally be uploaded on two different platforms, namely video and audio. These platforms are usually YouTube and Spotify.

YouTube videos are used as a platform because they can be monetized so that they can generate income for creators, while Spotify is currently unable to do so.

You can see the podcast content, for example on Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast which is currently very popular with YouTube viewers.

5. Media Network

Another way to make money creating podcasts on spotify is by building a media network. One example of a media network that you can use is the Box2Box Media Network.

By using this method the company will also benefit if one of the podcasters catches fish.

And of course you too as a podcast owner will also get a share of the income. So that it benefits both parties.

6. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is nothing new for bloggers or podcast creators. The creators will later ask for contributions from listeners, followers or viewers to donate funds to the creator’s account.

Instead, the creators will promise to present quality content, routinely and some even promise no ads, usually this happens in the YouTube application.

7. Selling Merchandise

Another creative way that you can do to earn money is by selling merchandise.

You can sell merchandise in the form of jackets, drinking containers, hats, t-shirts and so on that are still related to your brand.

Your loyal podcast listeners will certainly not hesitate to spend money on buying the merchandise you offer.

How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify

Creating a podcast on spotify is certainly not an easy thing to do. But as long as you are passionate and willing to work hard, you can definitely create a podcast that brings in a lot of listeners and eventually earns you money.

Here are the things you need to pay attention to so that you can generate income later.

1. Content

A podcast that has the potential to make money, then interesting content is absolutely necessary.

Therefore, here make sure the content of your podcast is content that is quite interesting. In addition, consider whether the podcast will be sustainable or only temporary.

To create interesting content, here you can discuss things that are going viral and make sure you really master the topic so that later the conversation can happen well.

That way later listeners will enjoy when enjoying your podcast, especially if you make the podcast regularly.

2. Appearance Packaging

Even if this podcast doesn’t show pictures or videos, the packaging of the appearance is still important.

Because here later you have to keep the listeners listening to the podcast, so hopefully later they won’t get bored.

Therefore, here it is necessary to package the appearance as attractive as possible such as voice intonation or audio quality, so that listeners remain excited and enthusiastic about following your podcast.

3. Build Community

In creating a podcast you should not only talk about topics that are liked by you.

Here you need to talk about things that people like so that you can then unwittingly build a community from there.

Listeners will feel involved with the content of the conversation in the podcast.

How to Make Money Making Podcasts on Spotify

They will also be more connected to other listeners. From one loyal listener, it will be possible for them to invite friends to listen to the same podcast.

This does not immediately bring ads, but you will also have a good relationship with the listeners.

It’s not impossible that later with your podcast, they will change their lives, so they will be more loyal to your podcast.