How to make money on the Internet other than Google Adsense, which is Proven PAYOUT!


Ok, today I will review how to get rupiah…. eits dollar dink, I got some of this info when I was browsing on the Internet, it was recorded when I published this article in 2012 around April 25, to be exact, it’s still there at digital track record… hehe.

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And here I am updating again in 2020, in a more structured way.. I’m trying… ^_^

What is an Online Business

Actually, I have discussed before in the same year, several ways to do online business as a NET PRENEUR.

But here I will explain according to my understanding, Online Business is a way to make money (Business) on the Internet online.

It’s simply called Online Business, where you don’t need to physically meet face to face to be able to transact.

I have also discussed before The Right Way to Do Business on the Internet

Is it easy to make money on the internet?

No! loh .. why in the headline is written easy??? Yes, it’s easy.. if you have the intention.. and take action right away..! Various information has been scattered everywhere, one of which is in RahmanCyber

​​website this, and you know it or not.. I’m also in online business from writing this article… Why? Because I put advertisements on this website so that if there are visitors who are voluntarily or interested… interested in clicking on ads… I will immediately get a NOMINAL commission, which is quite a collection of loose change… hehe

Some of the information I convey below is the result of my own research that I have tried and made money… (Although not much) anyway Proven Payout.
Don’t go right away….

Just follow the information about How

to Get Dollars on the Internet

1. Adfly shortest link site

APRIL 25, 2012 I received information about adfly, by the way, you already know about adfly, if not, please read carefully.

  • Adfly is a means of making money for those of you who are struggling in the world of Information Warehouse, what you get is not how much $0.001 per link, but it’s not bad. Moreover, we get $ 5 when we first register, as a signup bonus. adsfly the point is a
    site where we can shorten goods urls, like download links, image links, news links to make it easier to distribute the links. Recommended for you have many download, sharing or other urls, you can join here….. If you are interested in trying, please register here ,

2. Shortest Site (Shorten URL)

Monetize external links innovative method to make money online, THAT’S THE SHORTEST SLOGAN.
there are many options that we can choose to make money on the Internet.

There are Full Page Script, Social Share Widget, Bounce Rate, WordPress Plugin, and Mass Shrinker.
The average visit that we can get is $ 0.001 , almost the same as adfly ..


you have a blog that has a lot of visits… you can use this to make money.

Please share the link… You can go directly register here

Actually friends, if you can focus on the two slots above, you can already get extra pocket money… delicious, right? dollars too.. usually connected to Paypal so that later the money can be disbursed..

What is Paypal? and How is the trick to be able to make money from Adfly or Shortest…?

Oh yeah I forgot… some of the information above will be useful when you practice it right away… and But…..

It will become rubbish information if you only think about it… so…”DO IT NOW

For further articles, you can go to the link The Right Way to Do Business on the Internet

The key? We really have to try it, if not, we won’t know which one is right for us… but we don’t have to try everything…

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