How to Make Paraphrasing Sentences to Make Thesis Free of Plagiarism – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who is your best friend every day. This time Mimin will bring tips on how to make Paraphrase sentences so that our thesis is free from plagiarism.

To achieve a success as a graduate, of course, students must go through several stages, one of which is the thesis stage. However, many people do not know how to write a good and interesting thesis, many even look like copy and paste. With this, Mimin presents tips to Zone Friends on how to paraphrase so that the thesis is free from plagiarism.

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Read the source again

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First, read the source that you want to take as a reference. Because before paraphrasing, we must first understand what we want to paraphrase. One way is to read.

The advantage of reading before paraphrasing is that we have more knowledge, besides that we know which sentence we are going to paraphrase.

Get rid of the original text/manuscript

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After reading, get rid of the original text, so that you do not write sentences according to the text or source you are reading. Because paraphrasing is not allowed to write the same sentence as the sentence in the source.

The purpose of doing it all is nothing but rewriting, but still in the meaning of the same discussion as the source we took.

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Make a list of some words

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Make a list of some special words that you use when you paraphrase, the list serves to remind you of how to understand the original text. On top of the notecard, write down keywords that indicate the subject or theme of your Paraphrase Buddy.

After that, compare the Paraphrase Sobat Zona earlier with the original text or source to check whether all ideas, especially important ideas have been listed or not.

How to Make Paraphrasing Sentences so that Thesis is Free of Plagiarism

Here are some ways to make paraphrasing sentences so that your thesis is free from plagiarism. Mimin’s advice, don’t forget to always paraphrase so that Zone Buddy quickly finishes his thesis.

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