How to Make Slime Without Glue, Just 6 Steps Bun

There are many ways to grow your child’s creative and cognitive side. One of them is with toys that Mother might provide for her. Among those toys, slime is one of them. Slime is a toy made of glue and other chemical mixtures.

Slime started trending again in the mid-2017’s. At that time, slime Many parents demand it as a toy for their children. Slime become a toy that really supports cognitive development and hone your little one’s creativity, because with slime Your little one is free to make anything according to his imagination.

However, there are actually many more benefits that your little one can get by playing slime.

Benefits of playing slime for the little one

Here are the benefits of playing slime for the Little One, as quoted from tagg.

Opportunity to be creative

With a wide selection of colors and textures to choose from, your little one will try to experiment with slime in front of their eyes, then mix and combine colors and shapes according to their wishes.

Your little one will be immersed in the fun of making shapes according to what is engraved in his imagination. So much fun, maybe Mother will stop her because the place is too messy and it’s time for the Little One to rest.

Valuable motor experience

In its growth period, motor skills are an important aspect, and slime is one of the right media to hone motor skills. Your little one can touch and shape slime as he wants!

The sensory experience he gets will be more, because with slime Your little one can explore new touches to create a shape.

However, if your little one has sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to be careful!

Calm the Little One

Are you annoyed with seeing your little one who is always fussy? Maybe it’s a good idea to try slime. You can count on slime when the little one is fussy or the mother is bored.

You can be sure, he will have fun playing with himself slime her favorite. Then the little one’s anger can be muffled, the mother can also sit quietly and relax. win-win solutions, no?

Learn to improve focus

Mother may occasionally give him homework. But after being noticed, why does the Little One never fully focus on his task, huh? To help him improve his focus, there’s no harm in trying media like slime.

His process of forming what is on his mind will help him to focus on one task. He will be trained to complete one task to make one shape, before making other shapes with slime.

Little Girl Vlogging a tutorial on how to make SlimeIllustration of how to make slime without glue/ Photo: iStock

Why slime without glue?

Maybe all this time Mother always found slime with glue. Slime made with glue is a kind of slime the most chosen. The reason is none other than that it is easy to get.

However, slime with glue will be very sticky and difficult to come off when it dries. Slime This type can damage your little one’s clothes, rags, or towels that are being used. Especially if you can’t control it.

But, how to make slime without glue? Is it difficult to make?

How to make slime without glue

Here’s how to make slime without glue you can do it at home, as reported by The Kitchn.

  1. Prepare the equipment in advance. The equipment you need is not difficult, really. You only need a glass, a tablespoon or measuring spoon, a mixing bowl, and a rubber spatula.
  2. Prepare the ingredients. The ingredients you need are shampoo, water, and cornstarch
  3. Mix the ingredients. Mix shampoo with food coloring. Pour half a cup of shampoo into a medium bowl, then two to three drops of food coloring and stir until combined.
  4. Add cornstarch. Add 2.5 cups of cornstarch and stir to combine. The mixture will be a thick paste
  5. Mix water. Slowly add two tablespoons of water until the mixture turns smooth.
  6. Squeeze until elastic. After mixing the water, knead slime semi-finished until elastic and smoother. Now you can make slime without glue.

Easy isn’t it? That’s how to make slime without glue. I hope it’s useful, Mom.

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