How to Make Soft Chocolatos Steamed Brownies

chocolate brownie recipe

Friends of mothers at home are sometimes confused about not wanting delicious homemade snacks but the ingredients are simple and many children like them. We would suggest making Brownies, this is simple because the process is steamed, your child may also like it because the main ingredient with the addition of Chocolatos. How are you interested in trying such a recipe?

How can it not be that the steamed brownies have become cakes favorite for many people since school days. You need to be smart in managing your finances if you continue to buy ready-made brownies, because the price is not cheap. By making your own, you can make steamed brownies in large quantities so that one family can enjoy them.

Soft Chocolatos Brownies Recipe

For mothers who want to make steamed brownies with chocolatos and the results are soft to eat, make sure you prepare the ingredients that need to be prepared. One of the main reasons that many love steamed brownies is because of its soft texture, slightly moist, so it doesn’t drag on the throat.

– Eggs: 2 eggs
– Sugar: 3 tablespoons
– Wheat flour: 6 tablespoons
– Chocolatos: 2 sachets
– SKM (sweetened condensed milk) Chocolate: 3 sachets
– Cooking Oil: 5 tablespoons
– Baking powder: teaspoon
– And a pinch of table salt

How to make

  1. At first, we mix or beat the eggs and sugar until they are white.
  2. After that, add the flour, baking powder, and wheat by sifting first. Then 2 sachets of chocolatos and 2 sachets of SKM chocolate (one sachet is for the middle layer) stir until smooth, also add cooking oil.
  3. We take a little for the middle layer by adding one sachet of SKM chocolate.
  4. Prepare a steaming pot and preheat it until it boils, and don’t forget to cover the pot with a clean cloth.
  5. Next prepare a baking sheet, grease with cooking oil first then pour half the dough and steam for about 10 minutes, continue the middle layer for 10 minutes, and steam the remaining dough until cooked. Just give the topping according to your taste, Mother,
  6. Additional tips if you don’t want to bother after the first layer, just add the rest of the dough, so two layers will make it faster.

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Simple Chocolatos Steamed Brownies

If your child often eats brownies that are really brown, it’s definitely not foreign and is nothing but Amanda’s branded brownies. If you want to try something simple, you don’t need to worry if you want to eat brownies but the budget is no more than 40 thousand rupiah. We can still make brownies with the following simple ingredients.

– Eggs: 2 eggs
– Wheat flour: 5 tablespoons
– SKM chocolate: 2 sachets
– Cocoa powder (Chocolatos): 2 packs
– Sugar: 5 tablespoons
– Cooking oil: 5 tablespoons
– Baking soda: teaspoon

How to make

  1. First, we beat the eggs with sugar until fluffy, not until the eggs turn white, the important thing is that the sugar mixes smoothly.
  2. Then add the baking soda and flour slowly while stirring evenly.
  3. Next we mix cocoa powder chocolatos and sweetened condensed milk that has been melted with a little water, stir until evenly distributed.
  4. Then add the cooking oil and stir again, given the oil so that the brownies don’t stick to the mold later.
  5. Finally put the dough in the mold and steam it until it’s cooked
  6. After that, we are ready to serve affordable simple chocolatos brownies for children and families at home.

Chocolatos Steamed Brownies Without Mixer

– Wheat flour: 250 gr
– Sugar: 250 gr
– Margarine: 5 tbsp
– Cocoa powder: 2 tbsp
– SKM chocolate: 1 sachet
– Baking powder: tsp
– Baking soda: tsp
– A pinch of salt
– Water: cup / 300 ml

How to make

  1. First, we sift the flour to prevent the flour from clumping and filter from the dirt.
  2. Then enter all the remaining ingredients except margarine, while stirring until evenly distributed.
  3. Then melt the margarine, and tungkan into the dough earlier. Stir again until smooth, do not become lumps.
  4. Prepare a baking sheet and first grease the surface of the pan with margarine or cooking oil, then pour the dough into it.
  5. The dough is ready to steam which takes about 30 minutes.
  6. If it feels cooked, we remove the brownies and let it sit for a while until it cools a bit before cutting it according to taste.
  7. Finally we can eat cheap chocolate broenies.

Now please practice at home, if you have succeeded in becoming Brownies, don’t forget to share it on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others. Moreover, if you have an intention to sell and develop a food business, of course it must be posted as soon as possible.

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