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Soto Padang

I have one travel warning For those of you who are going to West Sumatra: Get ready for a big belly! Ha ha!

The early morning flight made my stomach growl when I landed on the Minangkabau mainland. Not interested in eating fast food at the airport, I immediately directed the rental car to Bukit Tinggi.

Still on the main airport road, we stopped the car at a food stall. This shop is called “Soto Angkasa”. Of course this shop sells Soto Padang. There is no need for soto “padang” frills behind it. Likewise Warung Nasi, there is no “Warung Nasi Padang” or “Warung Sate Padang”. Eliminate the word Padang, because it’s already in Padang, tweeps.

The dish with sliced ​​dried beef, vermicelli, plus potato cakes, then drenched in hot beef broth with spices is very appetizing! But even though Soto Padang was delicious, I was actually more impressed with the drinks served: Egg Tea, or better known as Talua Tea.

Soto Padang before being given gravy
Soto Padang with gravy

Maybe because we looked like tacky tourists who took pictures of all the menus that appeared before eating them, the Soto seller offered us a look at the making of talua tea in her kitchen.

It turned out to be very easy, like this:

1. Separate the Egg Yolk

Because we only use egg yolks. This ability to separate will determine whether our talua tea is fishy or not.

Egg yolk

2. Beat the eggs until they are really fluffy

The type of egg used and the skill of beating the eggs determine the taste of talua tea. So, make sure the eggs are beaten by an expert.

The mix must be steady.
Beat until fluffy into a white foam
There are talua tea sellers. Expert shuffle, it seems.

3. Pour the hot powdered black tea over the eggs

The tea that is commonly used to make talua tea is black tea from Medan which is in powder form. This tea is much more concentrated and has a strong taste than the usual teabags we consume.

Add black tea

4. Add sweetener and lime to taste, enjoy while warm!

Don’t forget to add lime for added freshness!

Add sweetened condensed milk

Well, easy right? This tea is said to increase stamina and vitality. Especially for those who want to drive a car on the Sumatran crossing.

Good luck!

This is the shop
Shortly before landing in West Sumatra. Come on, when?!

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