How to Make the Easiest Pontianak Typical Choipan Recipe

Wondering how to make a recipe choipan typical Pontianak is the easiest? Just take a look at our discussion below!

Choi Pan is a typical Pontianak cuisine. The shape is like dumplings that are always available at meatball sellers. Contains a variety of vegetables and is served warm so it is suitable to be friends when it rains heavily.

When Choipan is served, sambal has always been a loyal friend. Because the presence of chili sauce can add to the taste of this dish. Sometimes, the seller adds some hot sauce to the customer’s dish.

How to Make a Typical Pontianak Choipan Recipe

pontianak specialty choipan recipe

Choipan is a typical Pontianak food. Usually sold in shops or roadside restaurants in the city. Thus, you will find this dish very easy when traveling there.

But when you return to your respective cities, you can’t find this dish. You have to go back to Pontianak. If not, you can follow how to make this typical Pontianak choipan recipe:

– 1 cup water
– Rice flour 100 grams
– Tapioca flour 25 grams
– 2 tbsp cooking oil
– Shrimp to taste
– Jicama to taste
– Taro to taste
– Fried Ebi 1 tbsp
– Pepper to taste
– Salt to taste
– Garlic 3 cloves
– Onion oil

How to Make Choipan Seasoning:

  • Cut the shrimp, taro, and yam into small pieces and save it
  • Chop the garlic until fine
  • Saute garlic, fried ebi, salt, and pepper until the color changes
  • Add the pieces of shrimp, taro and jicama to the pan
  • After everything is ready, pour it into a container

How to Make Choipan Skin:

  • To make choipan skin, you have to mix tapioca flour, rice flour, and water.
  • Cook the mixture over low heat until there are no lumps.
  • When it’s ready, take it out and pour it on a flat surface
  • Take a pinch and roll using a glass until evenly distributed. Do this until the dough runs out

How to Make a typical Pontianak Choipan Recipe:

  1. When the dough is ready, put the filling in it
  2. Glue using warm water so that the stuffing doesn’t come out
  3. Steam the choipan for 15 minutes then remove and pour onto a plate

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Choipan Recipe Variations

Choipan actually comes from China. For now, this dish has been adapted to local tastes so people love it. This adaptation gives rise to several variations of how to make a typical Pontianak choipan recipe, such as:

1. Fried Choipan

In general, choipan is processed through a steaming process for 15 minutes until cooked. Then sprinkled with onion sauce and other ingredients to enrich the taste of this dish.

As time goes by, there are variations of fried choipan that are no less tempting. In terms of ingredients, the ingredients are the same as common choipan, namely tapioca flour, vegetables to three cloves of garlic.

You can make this choipan variation at home because it is delicious and makes family members addicted.

2. Mushroom Choipan

Shrimp prices sometimes go up at certain moments. Make people look for cheap alternative materials. Among all the examples, mushrooms are often chosen as a substitute because of their delicious taste.
The types of mushrooms used are not arbitrary. Only button mushrooms are used as the main ingredient of manufacture. Why? The problem is that other varieties are not suitable because they are harmful to humans thanks to their poison.

3. Chicken Curry Choipan

To enhance the taste, the choipan is smothered in chicken curry. Added a spicy and tempting chili sauce. This is one of the variations on how to make a typical Pontianak choipan recipe that you must try at home

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