How to Make the Latest Cool and Unique Free Fire (FF) Nickname 2022

How to Make the Latest Cool and Unique Free Fire (FF) Nickname 2022

How to Make a Cool FF Nickname
How to Make a Cool Free Fire Nickname. (Image: AdityaTekno) – Garena Free Fire or often called Free Fire (FF) is a battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. Free Fire itself is a popular and well-known game in Indonesia.

Even able to beat PUBG Mobile as the pioneer of this battle royale game. It is proven that since this game was released until July 2021, it has already reached 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. There are many things that make Free Fire very popular in Indonesia.

Some of them have very light specifications, so they can be played on potato cellphones (minimum spec cellphones), moreover Free Fire also offers gameplay that is no less challenging than other battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile.

You need to know, believe it or not, now the nickname is one of the benchmarks for being good at Free Fire. How not to be a benchmark, FF nicknames that still use numbers behind the nickname tend to look bots or players who have just played FF.

Using cool letters on the Free Fire nickname will make your nickname look cooler, not so plain. Especially if you add symbols in the form of emoji or unicode characters, it will make the nickname look even better.

Then how? Relax, here I will share a tutorial on how to make a cool free fire (ff) nickname. And don’t worry, the tutorial that I will share is very easy to follow, even you can make a good ff name using the application and without the application though.

For those who are curious and impatient, let’s see the tutorial below.

Tips for Making Cool and Unique FF Nicknames

Well, before going into the core of the discussion, it would be nice if you first read the tips for making this cool and unique ff nickname.

1. Use Cool Fonts or Fonts

Why must a cool font or font? Because if using a nickname with the default Free Fire font for some people is too ordinary, this can indeed be recognized. Because the nickname will look more unique if we use a much cooler font.

2. Combine Nicknames with Symbols or Emoticons

In addition to using cool fonts or letters, nicknames when combined with symbols or emoticons will definitely be much cooler than the others. Free Fire players often put it at the end, middle, or beginning of the nickname. This is to make their FF nicknames cooler and more unique.

3. Don’t Use Marketable Nicknames

This is also much more important before making a cool nickname. My advice, also pay attention to whether the nickname you choose is a market or not? You can look for good nickname inspiration by remembering the character’s name or using a foreign language.

Because it will make your FF nickname look different from the others. So, avoid making FF names that are marketed, make the nickname your own characteristic. The nicknames that you make can be personal branding.

4. Don’t Use Nickname Alay

This last tip also needs to be considered, so that your FF nickname doesn’t look ridiculous, you should use a font with a minimalist look, not too many symbols/characters and of course the nickname itself.

After listening to the tips that I have shared above, it’s time for you to create a cool and unique nickname. Here’s the tutorial.

How to Make a Free Fire Nickname

To make a cool FF name, there are many ways that we can do. Whether it’s using a third-party application or without an application that is online.

How to Make Cool FF Nicknames Using Applications

1. Make Free Fire Nicknames with Stylish Text Applications

Stylish Text is one of the most recommended nickname generator applications on Android phones. In this application there are lots of cool letters for FF nicknames that you can try. In addition, this application has a small size and can be used offline.

Simply by entering your Free Fire nickname, a nickname will appear with various fonts or text styles that you are free to choose.

Here’s how to make a cool ff nickname using the Stylish Text application:

  1. First, download and install the Stylish Text application from the Play Store.
  2. If the application is already installed, now open the application.
  3. Enter your ff name in the column provided.
  4. There will appear your nickname with various letters that vary.
  5. Please select and copy (copy) the nickname you want.
  6. Done.

You need to know, application Stylish Text also have features text repeaters, Text Blank and Symbol that you may need. Where are the features Text Blank you can use this to create an empty nickname.

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2. Create a FF Nickname with the FF Name Creator Application – Nickname Generator for Games

The FF Name Creator application is a nickname generator that has similar uses to the Stylish Text application above. Simply by entering your FF nickname, a row of nicknames will appear with a cool and unique text style.

Here’s how to make a cool ff nickname using the FF Name Creator application:

  1. First, download and install the FF Name Creator application from the Play Store.
  2. If the application is already installed, now open the application.
  3. Press Okayif a notification appears “No Internet“.
  4. Then, press Create Your Nickname.
  5. Then enter your FF name.
  6. Now just copy the desired text or font style.
  7. Done.

Notes: Make sure your Free Fire nickname does not exceed 12 characters. This is because Free Fire only allows each player to have a nickname with 12 characters.

3. Create a Free Fire Nickname with FancyKey Keyboard App – Emoji, GIF

After reading the name of the application, you will immediately know that the FancyKey Keyboard application is a keyboard application, right? Yep, that’s right, Fancy Key itself is a third-party keyboard application that has many features. Starting from the theme, typing sound, and so on.

Why should you use the FancyKey Keyboard application? Because there is one feature that you can use, which is to change the style of the text when typed.

So, the third way to make a free fire nickname with cool letters is to use a keyboard application called FancyKey Keyboard. This is perfect for those of you who want to have a keyboard and at the same time can make cool FF nicknames.

Here’s how to make a cool and unique ff name using the ancyKey Keyboard application:

  1. First, download and install the FancyKey Keyboard application from the Play Store.
  2. If the application is already installed, now open the application.
  3. Then click enable “Fancykey Keyboard”.
  4. After that tick Emoji and GIF Fancykey Keyboard to give permission to use it so you can use it.
  5. On the keyboard please click the “F“.
  6. Then select “Cool Fonts”. Here you just choose one of the fonts.
  7. Then you can start typing.
  8. Done.

Although the text styles provided are not as many as the above application, it can be admitted that the available text styles look cooler and minimalist, so they are very suitable as your free fire nickname.

After following how to make a cool and unique free fire nickname using an application, now I will share a trick on how to make a cool and unique ff nickname without an application, aka online using a website. Want to know how? Let’s see the tutorial below!

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How to Make a FF Nickname Without an Application

This method can be used as an alternative for your cellphone whose internal storage is almost full or if you are lazy to install the application, then you should be able to create an ff nickname without an application, namely online. You only need to visit the nickname generator website through your cellphone browser.

1. Using the CoolSymbol Website

CoolSymbol – Font Generator & Font Changer – Cool Fancy Text Generator is a website that provides a variety of fonts or text styles that you can try to create a free fire nickname. How to use it is also almost the same as the application that I have discussed above. So don’t be afraid you can’t.

Here’s how to make a cool FF nickname without an application using a site CoolSymbol :

  1. First, visit the site on your mobile browser.
  2. After logging into the webpage CoolSymbolplease enter/type your ff nickname in the column provided.
  3. Later from top to bottom you will see various fonts for your free fire nickname.
  4. Then, press “Copy” to copy the text. Please select as you wish.
  5. Done.

As I said above, if the website CoolSymbol is a font generator for making the most recommended nicknames that you can use. In addition to the font generator, this website also provides a variety of cool and unique symbols, of course.

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2. Using the FancyTextGuru Website

The next font generator that can be used to create a ff nickname is FancyTextGuru. How to use it is also the same as the site CoolSymbol just now. So don’t worry about not being able to use it.

Here’s how to make a FF nickname online using the FancyTextGuru web:

  1. First, visit the site on your mobile browser.
  2. Then, enter your ff nickname in the column provided.
  3. Now copy the text style you want.
  4. Done.

To copy the desired text, you simply click on the text. Then it will be copied to your cellphone clipboard so that it can be directly pasted on the Free Fire rename menu.

The tutorial that I shared above is easy, right? You can follow all the steps without any errors right? Now you can show off your cool nickname to your mabar friends and your guild mates.

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Also share this tutorial with your friends, so that the nicknames of your friends in your guild can also be as cool as you and can be compact.

That’s the tutorial How to Make the Latest Cool and Unique Free Fire (FF) Nickname 2022. Hopefully useful and thanks for visiting. Greetings

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