How to Open an HP Service Business, Potential for Tens of Millions a Month

How to Open an HP Service Business, Potential for Tens of Millions a Month

Mobile phones have become a basic need for humans, everyone today must have this one electronic device, both children, teenagers and parents.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people say that the business of buying and selling mobile phones is a lucrative and profitable business.

In addition to selling cellphones, selling credit and cellphone accessories, there is one other profitable business that you can turn into a business opportunity, namely starting a cellphone service business.

However, with a cellphone, there must be a moment when the item is damaged or does not function properly.

If this happens, of course they will come to the counter to make repairs.

That’s where you come as a solution to their every problem. With good service and service, it is not impossible that you can become someone who is successful in this field.

Well, for those of you who are interested in opening a cellphone service, there are some tips on how to start an HP service business that you can prepare. Here are some of them:

How to Start a HP Service Business Business?

Have Repair Skills

For how to start a cellphone repair business, of course you must have expertise in the field of HP troubleshooting.

You can learn these techniques by taking special cell phone repair classes or by self-taught.

However this is the main skill and life of an HP service business.

How is it possible that people can entrust a damaged cellphone to you to be repaired, while you can’t just disassemble the cellphone.

Yes, they will also definitely prefer to choose to do service elsewhere than later the damage to the cellphone will be even worse, right?

So, then the question is what if I don’t have the ability to repair cellphones? Does that mean I can’t open an HP service business?

If you don’t have the ability to troubleshoot your cellphone, you can still open this service business by collaborating with other people.

In the system when there is a customer who wants to repair his cellphone at your place.

You can receive the cellphone, but later you will give it to another place for repair.

So, in this system you only act as a liaison or repair broker. The benefits of a business like this are quite good if you have a strong and trustworthy network of cellphone technicians.

Another way you can do when you want to open an HP service business but don’t have the expertise is to hire people who have repair skills.

Later you just give him a salary or share the benefits of everyone who serves at your place.

Looking for Spare Part Supplier Information

The next step you have to do when you want to open an HP service business opportunity is to find information on suppliers of spare parts or spare parts from a cellphone.

However, mobile phones consist of various types of brands and also the hardware devices in them such as batteries, memory processors, LEDs or for example LCDs as screens from HP.

If one of these devices is damaged, you must place an order with the supplier who provided it.

Before opening a service, you must know where to buy these items, of course you also have to consider the price.

Look for a mobile phone spare part provider that offers low prices.

So that later you can set a cheap service price and the customer is not too burdened with the service fee that you set.

However, one of the strengths and keys to the HP service business, one of which is also the price factor.

How to Open an HP Service Business

Setting Up a Place of Business

The place of business is also something that must be prepared before opening an HP service.

Look for a strategic place of business that is traversed by a lot of people, that way your counter is likely to sell more than you open it in a quiet area.

For the problem of place, if you have it, you can immediately build it according to your wishes.

But if you don’t have land, you inevitably have to rent it to people who have land in strategic areas.

In addition to the place, what you have to provide is of course related to the supporting equipment for your HP service shop, such as a storefront or other tools for service purposes.

Generally, people who open HP services will also open services for buying credit or cellphone accessories.

This is done as an inducement so that people know more about the existence of your counter.

With that, your income can come from various directions, yes from service, selling credit and also accessories. Profitable business opportunity right?

Why Should You Do Marketing?

Doing Marketing and Sales

After you have a shop and your place of business is ready, the next thing to do is to do marketing and also sell services to people who really need it.

In front of the store, try to write a large sign that reads “Receiving HP service” so that people who pass by your place of business can know that you are opening HP service services.

Don’t forget to always prioritize quality and also friendliness in service because that is the key to an effort to last a long time and be visited by many people.

If someone comes to service your cellphone at your store, then you are satisfied with the repair service that you do.

It is not impossible that they will tell relatives, friends or neighbors. So that when their cellphone is damaged, they will not hesitate to use your services as a service to repair their cellphone.

Gadget Development Update

This is one of the things you have to do, which is to monitor all developments that occur in the field of gadgets, be it the latest mobile phones or the technologies that exist on these cellphones.

That way you won’t be surprised when for example someone comes to do repairs with the latest HP models.

In addition, there is nothing wrong if you also build a network with fellow mobile phone technicians.

This is to make it easier for you when for example finding certain cases that are difficult for you to solve in the cellphone repair process.

Well, that was a brief article about one of the business opportunities that you can do as your main business or side business.

In a mobile phone repair business opportunity, quality and trust are the things that you have to take care of.

Because once you disappoint a customer, other people will know the quality of service you offer. So they are lazy to service at your place.

Vice versa, if the service at your place is of high quality, all damage can be repaired properly at an affordable price.

So the customer will not hesitate to come back to your place if the gadget is damaged. Likewise, he will definitely recommend your place of business to the people around him.