How to Overcome Minder

Minder is an emotional feeling that arises when we compare ourselves with others. In the comparison process, when what other people have or what other people have achieved is better than what we have now, this feeling of inferiority arises. But on the contrary, if we are better then we feel more confident and so on. So that feeling of inferiority usually arises when someone compares himself with others.

In fact, the problem is not how to get rid of that feeling of inferiority because often someone is struggling with comparing things that shouldn’t need to be compared. For example, maybe you have a friend who then buys a new cellphone, even though he already has a cellphone that has not been damaged and can still be used. As it turned out, he decided to buy the new mobile phone not because of the features needed, not because of the functionally required facilities, but more because it was trending and that made him feel cooler. He perceives himself that “I will look cooler if I use that cell phone.” So he compares himself with others by using a cell phone.

This is often what happens in society. People often compare things to what they have or what other people want to achieve. Then, a question arises, “how do you not feel inferior?” The real way is not in the way we have what other people have or we achieve what other people achieve. Eventually, if that doesn’t happen, we will feel uncomfortable and negative feelings emerge.


key to not feeling inferior is not to compare. We and other people are two different persons, different lives, growing in different places, different sustenance. When we compare ourselves to others, that’s when we can’t manage those feelings. In fact, if we want to motivate us not to feel inferior is to compare ourselves with the qualities of our previous selves. For example, whether our quality today, is not better than the previous day or the quality in the future is not better than today, then that’s what we have to think about. Because humans actually have to compare themselves with their previous qualities.

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I hope we all don’t feel inferior anymore