How to Overcome the Latest PHP Update Warning for WordPress Self Hosting

How do you deal with a notice that suddenly appears on wordpress dashboard whose contents suggest us to upgrade the PHP version? this is what we are going to talk about..

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Once upon a time, page wordpress dashboard I have a php notice recommended updateseven though I just installed wordpress yesterday on my hosting.

The WordPress I installed is WordPress Art Tatum or WordPress version 5.8 which was released on July 20, 2021 ago… yup Art Tatum is a Jazz musician… he is the 42nd jazz musician when I counted on the WordPress release list…

Because WordPress core developers love jazzso yeah that’s how it is for naming wordpress version… want your name to be the name of the wordpress version? hehe, first become a jazz musician bro.. if the song becomes their favorite.. later will show your name… hehe..

Back to the discussion! the point is here on the wordpress dashboard it shows that my wordpress site is on php version 7.2.34where it should be updated, in fact if it’s not updated, it’s fine as long as some plug-ins and other functions can still work.

notice upgrade php in wordpress

but on the warning php update recommended, it suggested for me to update to the latest version of php.

at least minimal recommendation php version 7.4 and it turns out that php has reached PHP version 8.0.

At least the php version 7.41 is a minimal version of this recommended wordpress php update warning.

But please also note that in some cases when a user updates php, an error occurs on their website, mostly because of the version of the wordpress theme they bought, it may not have been optimized for the later version.

If we buy wordpress theme in marketplace… make sure to always look for how much wordpress support and how much php, so at least not too far away.

buy wordpress theme in marketplace

Written over there wordpress version 5.8xaccording to the post this article was published, yes, the latest wordpress at this time is 5.8, so it’s usually safe.. because the latest wordpress version, usually already adjusted to the latest wordpress.. see this notice from the official wordpress..

That’s a notice about this problem.. so wordpress also always follows the latest version of PHP updates…the two are interrelated :).

So cause error For example the php of the theme maker version 5 is maximum.. it turns out that we updated php version 8, that’s too far away..

So that the possibility of errors is high, especially if the theme is also used for WooCommerce (but if it’s a theme, usually the error is only in appearance..)

But in addition to the theme, the wordpress version also influences.. when we use the latest wordpress version.. this must have been optimized for the latest php version, so this is why the wordpress version and the php version in our hosting place are interconnected..

So when it happens errorI usually identify it otherwise wordpress the version is the plugin, if not the theme is..

But the most vital thing is wordpress, because we know that php is a core that bridges the frontend with the database… 🙂

Yup! WordPress turns out to be using PHP, friends.. not Ruby.. we know that server side programming language, not only PHP.. but there are other Top languages, such as Python(Opensource), Node.js, Ruby (this is if you use the ruby ​​on rails framework) and there is also something called Go!

Betewe… it’s said The latest version of PHP has better speed compared to the previous version.. even though it’s only below 10% maybe it’s not too pronounced..

Because here I use cPanel for hosting where I give a home for my beloved website, so I’ll give you a way through cPanel only, huh… hehe

How to upgrade PHP version in cPanel

1. Please Login to cPanel

if the version is the same, even though the hosting is different, it will usually be mostly the same… at least it’s just a little bit different, usually hosting providers are also up to date for cpanel… 🙂

2. Please go to the “Software” section

Please select “Select PHP Version” just click…

Update PHP version in the latest cPanel

3. After that you will be on the “PHP SELECTOR” page

In the part that I circled, it shows the PHP version we are currently using… just click on the little triangle under the arrow…


4. PHP Version Options

Later options will come out PHP versions available on Hosting.

Select the php version you want to set in cPanel

That’s according to what I discussed earlier, from the WordPress side, it is recommended for a minimum of PHP 7.4, in addition to being more secure / increasing website security… most likely it will be faster..

Because at the hosting site, my subscription is already there php version 8.0then I too choose the latest version of PHP as well, so you don’t go back and forth Upgrade… 🙂 especially since I just installed wordpress, so there’s not much that needs to be donebackup…or I don’t need backupbecause for now there is nothing important – very important.. hehe

But if you’re an old user, and you already have a lot of valuable assets there, you can do a backup first… 🙂 If there’s an error later, you can restore it… but in my opinion… the most important thing is the content so you don’t lose it. .. because content is a valuable thing to bring in visitors.. khan.. 🙂

If it’s steady.. please click on your choice, then please click on “Set as Current”

set php v8 cpanel

Then the upgrade request will be processed automatically by hosting system and cpanel this.. 🙂

Later it will be like this if the upgrade is successful, PHP version 8.0 in the ticked position…

PHP version 8.0 upgrade is successful

5. Check WordPress Dashboard

Please Check Page WordPress Dashboard you.. 🙂

Overcome notice that the php wordpress upgrade was successful

Yup! it worked… it worked… it worked… hurray… 🙂 it’s gone notice / upgrade warning… so now we’re all using the latest version…

But remember.. there will be another update later.. 🙂 – later the method is the same as above… if cPanel up version.. at least the name above can be a reference, because usually the placement is shifted or differentiated…

That’s how to Overcome the Warning Latest PHP version update for WordPress Self Hosting latest.. 🙂

Turns out it’s easy, mate, it’s not that hard…

may benefit,


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