How to Parse Code Html, Javascript, PHP Version 2

How to Parse Code Html, Javascript, PHP Version 2

Okay, previously I shared in a blogger tutorial that’s been a long time, friend, 4 months ago I thought it was about how to make a 100% Working HTML Parse Code aka already in Test… hehe,

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How to Parse Code Html, Javascript, PHP Version 2

Even though there are very few fans, maybe it’s rare for anyone to install parse tools on blog content. What are you trying to do…

HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP Parse Code Functions

Well for those of you who have a Tutorial Blog, whether it’s html programming or even Blogger tutorials as RahmanCyber ​​Blogger Tutorial Divisionthis is becoming an important thing… hehe

So why is it important, it’s really important, especially if you post code that can be easily active on blogger, for example HTML, PHP, Javascript. If you force directly write code HTML, PHP, Javascript on Blogger, the code is automatically active, even though you have enclosed the code Pre nor Code.

To be honest, I’ve tried this before, even until TextArea I’ve also tried it, but that’s how it is, the code can be activated, and when you edit it… Buuummm, I lost the code that you typed. It’s long.

So, that’s one of the functions of the Parse Code Tool.

What’s the other function?

Another function that usually plays adsense, before everything was automated by Google, we need this tool to embed the adsense code on the blog… uh, if it’s manual, it’s still needed, right?

Because we also need, for example, that the ad wants to be fixed, we display it in the middle of the post, where we need to put it in the edit html, not in the Widget… So we need to parse the code first.

Therefore, if you can make Parse Code Tool It’s delicious on its own… you don’t need to look at neighboring sites… ehehe

What is HTML, Javascript, PHP Parse Code?

OK, I’ll explain… Parse HTML, Javascript, PHP is a tool to convert code HTML, Javascript, and PHP be an inactive character, aka plain text. Why do we have to parse the code HTML, PHP, Javascript? Because this blogger theme uses XML format. While in XML itself, he can read HTML code, Javascript and PHP.

So that when you write the code even in the post, the code will still be active… yes, it’s as simple as that. So, we need to parse the code first.

Here is the sample code HTML, Javascript, PHP which changes when converted using script converter/parse like this.

  • sign < to <
  • sign > to >
  • sign “to be”
  • sign ‘to’
  • sign & be &

Well, actually the manipulation is in the code, because by changing some of the characters that often appear, the code that my friend made becomes inactive.

Parse Code HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP Version 2

1. Open your blogger dashboard first.

2. Select the Static “Page” or “Pages” menu or you can also make it in Posts

3. Create a new Page by clicking the “New Page” button at the top if on a Static Page, or “New Post” if on a Posts page.

4. Each Static page and Post There are two choices of modes, namely Compose and HTML, if you want to write an opening paragraph, please select Compose mode first, then select HTML mode to put the code.

5. Copy and paste the HTML Parse Box Script, JAVASCRIPT, PHP version 2 below

 <script type="text/javascript">
function convert(){var ele1 = document.getElementById("somewhere");var replaced;replaced = ele1.value;replaced = replaced.replace(/&/ig, "&amp;");replaced = replaced.replace(/</ig, "&lt;");replaced = replaced.replace(/>/ig, "&gt;");replaced = replaced.replace(/"/ig, "&quot;");replaced = replaced.replace(/&#177;/ig, "&plusmn;");replaced = replaced.replace(/&#169;/ig, "&copy;");replaced = replaced.replace(/&#174;/ig, "&reg;");replaced = replaced.replace(/ya'll/ig, "ya'll");ele1.value = replaced;}
</script><br />
<table style="margin:0 auto"><tbody>
<tr> <td><textarea id="somewhere" style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(248, 248, 248); border: 1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); height: 300px; width: 550px"></textarea><br/>
<input onclick="convert();" style="padding: 5px;" type="button" value="Parse Script" /></td> </tr>

OK, Publish right away! Holaaa it worked it worked hurray!

So that’s how to make a parse code Html, Javascript, PHP Version 2, I hope it’s useful… For those of you Bloggers who are still learning… and blogger friends who have already, but forgot ^_^

Attention! Just paste the CSS code right away, because it’s not active if it’s not called…

HTML, Javascript, PHP Parse Code Test Results

The following is the result of our study, friend… The result is something like this… and the Parse tool is already VALID HTML 5


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