How to Point Domain to VPS

How to point a domain to a VPS? When you buy a cheap domain or already have and have a VPS, of course you will direct the domain name to your VPS.

But some people have difficulty and don’t understand this, now this article contains a tutorial on how to point a domain to a Public IP or VPS.

First of all, you have to understand what A Record is and its function in this tutorial.

What is A Records? What Does It Do in Redirecting a Domain to a VPS?

A record is a record whose job it is to direct and map a domain name to an IP address. So the A record serves to map a hostname to a 32-bit IP address (for IPv4).

In A record, the letter A means “Address”, Simply put, this A record is used to find a Public IP or IP address that is connected to the Internet through its name only.

Example :


Based on the example above, the subdomains and are redirected to a server with IP As for the subdomain, it is directed to a server with IP

That way you are free to point your domain and subdomains to multiple servers. You can use the A Record in your domain’s DNS management.

With the help of that A record you can direct your public IP domain, then how? Here’s the tutorial:

Notes: This tutorial is based on the Jagoan Hosting member area, there are several possibilities if several providers are different. But in general they are all the same.

How to point Domain to VPS

First, Login to the member area of ​​Jagoan Hosting, and select the Domain menu.

Second, Select the domain name that will be directed to the VPS. Select the menu icon settings to the right of the domain service.

Third, Select the DNS settings menu on the left sidebar of your member area.

Fourth, Redirect domain name to VPS Public IP

  • In section HOSTfor the main domain it will be seen using @, If it is a subdomain then you can write the name of the subdomain.
  • In section DESTINATIONusing the destination IP address (c0nt0h:
  • Then click SAVE.

That’s how to direct a domain to a VPS or Public IP by using an A record. In essence, you are obliged to ensure that several conditions must be met, such as the Web Server itself which already has a public IP, has a server with certain services, or the Subdomain wants to be directed to another hosting before being able to direct the domain to the A record or Public IP.

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