How to Quickly Resume Anti-Complicated Books, Students Must Know – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Mimin has some useful tips for you guys. Especially for those of you who are the laziest if you have to resume a book, let alone a resume, just read the book lazy. Eitss, calm down because now Mimin has found the easy way. Come on, just take a look at the quick tips for an anti-complicated book resume, for the following students!

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Book Resume

Book resume is one of the tasks that usually approach students. But many of you are still doing it manually, even though if you do it manually, it will be a huge waste of time. Therefore, Mimin has a quick way.


  • First, you can enter the Zone Buddy into a search engine, or go to Google. After that, you can write the keyword, namely getdigest. To enter the resume site.
(Photo: Document belonging to StudentZonaTeam)
  • After that, you will enter the site. Usually this site appears at the top of the order, which you can choose.
(Photo: Document belonging to StudentZonaTeam)
  • Next, Friend Zone, please enter the site. To do the next step.
(Photo: Document belonging to StudentZonaTeam)
  • If an image like this appears, it means that the sign has entered the site, Zone Friends can scroll down to choose.
(Photo: Document belonging to StudentZonaTeam)
  • In this menu, Zone Buddy can choose. Upload a document, copy and paste the text, or copy the link to the book that you will resume.

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(Photo: Document belonging to StudentZonaTeam)

Finally, if it appears like the picture above, it means that the book resume is complete. You can see the results in the column to the right.

How to Quickly Resume Anti-Complicated Books, Students Must Know

Buddy Zone, that was the quick way to resume a book. Hopefully it’s useful for all of you, Mimin says goodbye first, don’t miss it!

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