How to Save 10 Thousand Per Day with Stocks and Online Investment, Auto Cuan at the End of the Month!

Saving is not an easy thing and can be done by everyone. Even if you are not used to doing it early on, saving will be difficult.

However, has a tip so you can keep saving and saving, regardless of how much income you currently have.

How to save 10 thousand per day from now on you can do by investing it in shares.

Now it is not impossible for us who are just ordinary people to be able to buy shares.

Even with increasingly sophisticated technological advances, as well as developments in the financial and banking sectors, you can start saving and buying shares for only 10 thousand. There are many smart phone applications that are engaged in online investment.

In addition, to support this method of saving 10 thousand per day to remain efficient, there are many digital e-wallets that have opened a feature to save money or in the form of digital gold.

This can be a solution for those of you who have difficulty saving. The key to successful people, it turns out that their money can work, and one way for money to work is to start investing.


are two things you can do to save money early on, even though you will only allocate 10 thousand, but in the future if you are consistent it can become millions.

Especially if you can start a business and invest online, the shares you buy in the future can go up many times over. This has been proven by stock players.

Can you buy shares with just 10 thousand? Of course you can if you find a stock that is currently an IPO, or even lower in price.

But on average 1 lot can be up to hundreds of thousands. If you collect 10 thousand first in the RDN account, after a long time you can start investing in the stock market.

style="text-align: left;">Aren’t stocks expensive?

Very expensive, if you buy it yourself directly from the stock seller. But now this has been made easier with the RDN.


is a customer fund account that will be managed by a bank which will later be used to buy shares, and is usually managed by various securities.

This kind of system allows ordinary people like us to buy shares in the form of lots.

There are several applications below that you can install so that you can allocate 10 thousand per day for you to save or buy digital gold, investments and mutual funds.

1. Seeds

Seeds is a newcomer securities application, but because of its advantages this application has been widely used by hundreds of thousands of people.

This can be seen from the number of users who have downloaded this application from the appstore and playstore app stores.

Seeds is an application that already carries one click technology for online investment. There are many advantages of Seeds. Among them,


can be more optimal and hassle-free.

It is suitable for novice investors.

You can top up and pay using gopay or just a link.

Beginners who will not be confused with mutual funds.

Many methods have been supported by the winners’ research.

Has carried the sharia mode.

There is no charge on commission.

Free from tax.

You can start with only 10 thousand dollars.

Can be withdrawn at any time without penalty.

Opening an account digitally and can be done anywhere.

Investment is guaranteed safe.

Already registered and supervised by OJK.

How it works is also very easy, you just need to learn the main features below.

Auo risk profiling: Seeds will learn the risks you will get with an unbiased algorithm.

Auto financial plan: You will definitely get the best mutual fund recommendations.

Auto rebalancing : Will work automatically to maintain your optimal allocation.

Easy monitoring: You can monitor the progress of your investment only with the application that you have installed on your cellphone.

Saving 10 thousand per day can be easier with the application of seeds.

2. Pluang

It’s still about applications that can make you buy digital assets, but in this opportunity application there is a different digital asset, namely crypto. There are also mutual funds and digital gold that you can buy starting at a minimum of 10 thousand.


itself is also quite easy and you can do it anywhere. For KYC verification, use an ID card and photo, then an active bank account is also needed with your own name.

To top up an RDN account, this opportunity can use the bank transfer option, virtual account or e-wallet. This opportunity also has many advantages. Among them,

A fairly practical investment: It only takes less than 5 minutes to register.

Investment is very safe because it is supervised by BAPPEBTI.

No additional fees.

Registration is very easy and hassle-free.

Gold investment is very easy and the price is also cheap.

Investing in crypto assets made easy.

Can access United States stock.

Can save in crypto.

Investment auto.

The minimum top up is only 10 thousand. So how to save 10 thousand per day with this opportunity application is highly recommended, especially if you want to save in the form of crypto bitcoin or crypto etherium.

3. Wonderful

No less popular are magic apps. Recently, there have been many recommendations from influencers and novice investors to use magic.

Just like the two applications above, this magic is very complex and in it there are many stocks that you can buy, starting from the private sector and SOEs that are already on the stock exchange.

You just need to create an RDN account and the registration process is also quite easy. Even registration only takes a few minutes.

While the data validation process can take 2 to 3 days to be able to activate the RDN account.

Already millions of users of this magic, ranging from senior investors and investors who are still beginners. You can buy many shares at once as an investment asset.

Mutual funds also already exist, it’s just a matter of adjusting to the risk profile you will choose.

All you have to do is download the magic application in the appstore or playstore. Don’t worry about supervision, because miraculously these securities are official and supervised directly by OJK.

Furthermore, if you are not interested in the investment application above, you can save 10 thousand per day with several e-wallet.

We recommend using the fund app. In this application there is a goals feature, where this feature will secure savings for specific goals that you have planned. Just set the target, then consistently save every day.