How to save college kids who want to be successful in business

Becoming a businessman is one way for most college kids to increase their coffers of money. In addition to adding positive activities, doing business will make them much more independent and ready to compete when they graduate.
There are many businesses that can be run by these students. Such as opening additional courses/lessons, opening a franchise around campus, to selling online. Apart from being cheaper, doing business online is easy because it can be done anywhere and anytime. Running an online business also allows us to save a lot of money for business capital.

Well, some of the tips below can help those of you who are still a student and want to open a business:

Set aside pocket money to be initial capital

save money via
save money via

While still a student, pocket money is something that must be managed properly. The temptation to fulfill our needs and wants must be balanced with our compulsion to set aside money to save. Well, this is also what often becomes an obstacle for young businessmen who are still in college. The money they have must not only be able to meet their needs and desires, but also must be able to become capital for them to open a business. At least set aside 10-20% of the allowance every month. If at the beginning it is still very difficult to raise a lot of capital, we can try to become a reseller who sells other people’s belongings.


Make a list of what to buy first

make a priority list
id="caption-attachment-32351" class="wp-caption-text">Make a priority list via

Once we have sufficient capital, do not rush to buy all the necessities for the business. Make a list of what you should buy first. Make sure you don’t buy things that are not so important. Like a cellphone for selling online, you can still use an old cellphone or laptop. Well, doing business must be wise. You don’t have to buy everything that you think can help you do business.

Also take into account accommodation, credit and other costs

Counting via

Even though you already have the capital for doing business, take into account all your needs regarding accommodation, credit and other costs. Do not let all activities carried out without planning and without careful calculation. If a business makes you want to make a lot of profit, then make sure not to spend a lot of money on activities that are pointless.

Don’t be too thrifty


Although frugality is something that must be done, remember that health and needs must also be met properly. Do not force yourself to save money to be able to run a business. You can imagine how unpleasant it is to run a business but you don’t have the health to run the business.

Trust those who support you in your business

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Supporting via

Well, to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a successful businessman but doesn’t require a lot of capital to run it, you can choose a provider that can support your online business. For example, using the instant online store website from Jagoanstore. For the sake of membuild credibility and fluency in selling online, the website is a must-have capital. A website will help your online business run very well. Even if you thought having a website had to cost a lot of money, not anymore. You can rent it on a monthly basis. The online store website at Jagoanstore can help you run an online business very well. With complete features and relatively affordable prices, your online business is ready to help you achieve success at a young age.

That is why, online businesses choose to use websites for their business in addition to selling on social media and marketplaces. The website gives you the opportunity to market your business very well. Starting from having your own domain name, designing your own website template to all online business identities that can help you do branding.