How to Save Password in Mozilla Firefox Manually

How to Save Password in Mozilla Firefox Manually – Frequently visiting social media or the web that requires logging in first, sometimes we feel bored and tired of having to type in passwords and also user names. Although most have given warnings whether to save passwords or not, there are some that do not have such notifications, while we don’t want to be complicated when logging in.

With Mozilla Firefox, we have been given the convenience of saving user names and passwords automatically and manually. This means that we can save the log in data of an important account directly from the settings in Firefox, we can do this easily.

If you are looking for how to save passwords in Mozilla Firefox manually, then this is the right solution, see the method below until it’s finished because we will also give a few additional tricks on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

1. First make sure you are using the new version of Mozilla Firefox, so that the images in this tutorial are appropriate.

2. Open the Firefox browser then click the three line menu in the top corner, then click Login and Password.

how to save password in mozilla firefox

3. After that click Create New Login right under the saved user name and password.

How to Save Password in Mozilla Firefox Manually

2. Immediately fill in the empty boxes according to your social media address / website, User Name, and Password, if you have clicked save.

How to Save Password in Mozilla Firefox Manually
this is just an example

After that, if you want to log in to one of the sites or social media, you need to enter the password again.

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