How to sell fast at Shopee during Ramadan

For those of you who in this month of Ramadan are running a business or online business, then you need to try to sell at shopee. Shopee offers many advantages and conveniences for both sellers and buyers.

There are many features that can be used to increase sales in e-commerce on this one. To further increase your sales at Shopee during Ramadan, of course, there are special ways that need to be done. Here will be discussed about what you need to do.

1. Become a Star Seller

The first way to sell fast is to become a star seller. When you have become a star seller at shopee, it will further make consumer confidence in your products higher.

Not only that, even in the search list, your store will be displayed in the top position. Of course it will further increase the chances of getting more consumers. To become a star seller at shopee, the following are the conditions that need to be met.

Complete your personal data and verify your ID card.

style="white-space: pre;"> Chats that have been replied to reach a percentage of more than 80%, so here it means that you need to be diligent in using the livechat feature on shopee.

Get at least 10 purchases from 10 different buyers over the last 1 month.

Have a net income of at least 100 million in the last month.

Have a store rating of at least 4 stars.

There are no discrepancies in Sophie’s sales account and penalty points.

How to sell fast at Shopee during Ramadan

style="text-align: left;">2. Use Clear and Good Product Photos

Before you display your products on shopee, make sure the quality of the photos you want to upload later is good enough. The first thing that a potential customer will see is a product photo, so don’t post photos carelessly here.

style="text-align: justify;">With attractive photos, it will certainly make consumers curious. Therefore when you take product pictures, try to consider the resolution, lighting and other things related to image quality.

3. Describe Your Product Clearly

Most of the traders are still lazy to give a clear description for their merchandise. Whereas with the description it will be possible for consumers to know what the quality and advantages of the product are.

To make it easier for readers to understand, then describe the quality and advantages of your product in bullet points.

4. Offer Fairly Competitive Prices

The next way to sell quickly is to give a competitive price so that it will be able to compete with other sellers. To do this, of course, you need to do market research first. So that way you will avoid offering prices that are too cheap or too expensive.

style="text-align: left;">5. Use Relevant Products for the Month of Ramadan

The way to sell quickly is that you need to sell products that are relevant in the month of Ramadan. One example of a product that is much sought after by the public during the month of Ramadan is Muslim clothing such as, for example, robes, mukena, prayer rugs, koko clothes and others.

By selling these relevant goods, it will certainly increase the chances of buying and selling transactions during the month of Ramadan.

In addition, here you also need to have quite a lot of product variations. So that way consumers will find it easier when they want to choose or search for products in your store

How to sell fast at Shopee during Ramadan

6. Use My Ads Feature

In shopee you will find a feature in the form of my ads. In this feature you are required to pay in order to advertise your product. After you make a payment, of course Shopee will start displaying the products you sell. There are three types of ads that you can choose from, including:

style="white-space: pre;"> Shop Ads

This ad will later show your store in the top position on the search page.

Keyboard Ads

When a user uses a certain word, your product will be shown to them.

Similar product ads

Using these ads makes it possible for consumers to see similar products from the product they are looking for.

7. Don’t Forget To Make My Shop Voucher

You also have the opportunity to give promos by using attractive vouchers. This store voucher is very effective in making consumers want to shop in even more quantities.

Here you just need to go to my promotions section. You just need to make a shop voucher, don’t forget to complete the requested information. Here you have the freedom to determine how long the voucher is valid.

8. Use the Discount Package Feature

The next way to sell quickly is to use the discount package feature. Using this feature will provide an opportunity for consumers to be able to get discounts by buying packages.

For example, if you buy more than one product, you will get a certain discount. In this way the possibility of buying and selling transactions will be higher.

Why Should You Use Free Shipping Fitue?

9. Using the Free Shipping Feature

One of the programs offered by Shopee is to offer its users free shipping. So here for those of you who want to increase sales, you can use this free shipping feature.

The way to activate the free shipping feature is very easy. You only need to fill in the identity card provided, then you just need to upload it.

With this program, it is hoped that buyers and sellers will get the same benefits.

For a seller, of course, will benefit from an increasing sales turnover. As for the buyers or consumers will benefit in terms of the cost of the postage.

10. Using the Flash Sale Feature

The way to sell quickly in the next month of Ramadan is to use the flash sale feature. By using this one feature it will be more possible for your product to sell quickly. You can also more easily lure consumers to come see your online store.

Before you join this flash sale, make sure you have more than enough stock. In addition, the percentage and discount price have been properly verified by the shopee.

How to sell fast at Shopee during Ramadan

11. Take advantage of the feature to increase followers

A very powerful feature to increase sales in the month of Ramadan is the feature to increase followers.

Use these features so you can have a lot of followers. When later you will upload a product, of course, these followers will get a notification from your store. This will certainly lure consumers to see your product.

12. Take Advantage of Social Media

Don’t forget to also take advantage of social media so that your online shop in e-commerce shopee is increasingly recognized by many people.

Social media such as Instagram has been equipped with automatic links. With this link, it will be easier to take visitors to your online store on shopee.