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July 25, 2019

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Among the many ways to lower the bounce rate, one thing that is often overlooked is making an excerpt. This element is often forgotten because WordPress creates it automatically when you don’t fill it in.

In fact, excerpts that are made manually can attract more visitors. Also, to make excerpt does not take a long time.

In this article, you can find out more about what excerpt is, how to create an excerpt, and some recommended custom excerpt WordPress plugins.

What is Excerpt?

Excerpt is a term in English which means excerpt or summary. The excerpt function is to provide a little leak about the contents of a content.


excerpt, your audience doesn’t have to click or open the whole content to know what it is. Instead, they only need to read a few excerpt sentences.

Having an excerpt in the content will help the audience decide which content they want to enjoy. It also increases the probability of going up page views. On the other hand, you can also reduce the percentage bounce rate in the web.

How to Make Excerpt

There are two ways to create an excerpt on a WordPress-based web, namely:

  • Automatic WordPress automatically generates an excerpt of the first 55 words of the post. This method is quite practical if you deliberately make the first paragraph as a teaser content.
  • Manuals You can also create excerpt manually. In the Gutenberg editor, a column for excerpt is available on the right side of the page of each post. You can fill it with content snippets that you create yourself.
excel box in wordpress

7 Plugins to Create Custom Excerpt WordPress

How to set excerpt in WordPress is quite simple. However, if you need more complete customization options, there are plugins you can install. Here we review seven plugins specifically made for excerpt settings.

1. Advanced Expert

advanced extract plugin

The excerpt length can be set by changing the existing code in WordPress. This method is a little scary if you are not familiar with PHP. Therefore, you can install the plugin Advanced Expert this is to do some setup without touching the code at all.

Featured features:

  • Set the excerpt length according to the number of words or the number of characters specified.
  • Keeps the last word in the excerpt from being truncated.
  • Add link Read more into excerpt.

2. WP-UTF8-Excerpt

Another option for excerpt settings is WP-UTF8-Excerpt. This plugin is compatible with multi-byte characters such as those in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Featured features:

  • Displays multi-byte characters precisely and clearly.
  • Store html tags in posts so that fonts, colors, URLs, and images can be displayed in excerpt.
  • Displays a 300 character excerpt on the homepage and 150 characters for each post in the archive page.

3. WP Excerpt Generator

If you are the type of person who is lazy to write excerpts, WP Excerpt Generator it suits you. This plugin generates excerpt automatically so it can save your time. Even more interesting because this plugin is available in English and French.

Featured features:

  • Automatically create excerpt after publication or post modification.
  • Provides excerpt options for pages, posts, or both.
  • Keeping the excerpt display neat.
  • Gives the option to delete the desired number of excerpts at once.
  • Gives the option to edit the excerpt created manually.

4. Advanced Post Excerpt

Let’s admit it, the excerpt view can be pretty boring. Especially when compared to the overall appearance of posts on WordPress. Because, there is no option formatting

qualified in the excerpt.

By installing Advanced Post Excerpt, you can add various display modifications in excerpt. Starting from simple text features like bold, italicand underlines. Likewise with the bullet and numberings options. text alignment (align left, center aligned, right aligned), and hyperlinks.

5. Display Posts

display posts plugin

When other plugins focus only on excerpt settings, Display Posts provides options for managing various post components on the website. Armed with a shortcodes system, you can make display settings just by writing a short code on a page or post.

Featured features:

  • Gives the option to show posts by category.
  • Gives post display options in the form of a grid.
  • Displays a list of popular posts.
  • Gives you the option to set what kind of information is displayed in each post. For example, excerpt questions and picture illustrations.

6. Postie

postie wordpress plugin

By installing Postie, you can post content on the web by simply sending an email. Not just a regular post, you can also set various elements in the post also via email. This includes setting up excerpt questions.

Featured features:

  • Set excerpt for posts and images.
  • Controls which users can post content via email.
  • Set by default or manually category, status, post format, post type and tags.
  • Gives the option to make the first image in the email as featured image.
  • Control the placement of images with text only.
  • Provide templates for images, videos, audio, and other files to fit the desired appearance.
  • Make email replies as comments on posts.

7. Easy Custom Auto Excerpt

easy custom excerpt tonjoo

One more plugin that we recommend is Easy Custom Auto Excerpt. This plugin has free and premium features that are quite interesting. In fact, you could say, this plugin summarizes the various features offered by the previous plugins.

Featured features:

  • Set excerpt based on the number of characters.
  • Provides excerpt display options on home, search, archive, or custom archive pages.
  • Provide options text alignment on excerpt.
  • Gives a variety of choices Read more text and buttons.
  • Retain image on excerpt.
  • Basic Indonesian and Spanish translation.
  • Make excerpt indexed by RSS feed.
  • Gives the option to make excerpt of the desired paragraph.

In addition to the above features which are available for free, this plugin also offers attractive premium features. Some of them are: setting image position on excerpt, setting image size; disable excerpt on specific posts, 10 font and size options for posts Read More40 button options Read Moreas well as HTML button customization.


You should never ignore excerpt in your content. This simple element can help website visitors to know what content you are serving. When it comes to content marketing strategies, making excerpts can also help you add page views while reducing bounce rate.

Through this article, you have learned what excerpt is and how to set excerpt. We also provide several plugin options for more advanced excerpt customization. Here we summarize the excerpt plugin we mean:

  • Advanced Expert simple feature to set excerpt length and add text Read more.
  • WP-UTF8-Excerpt plugin suitable for multi-byte characters such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • WP Excerpt Generator a plugin that generates excerpt automatically from posts.
  • Advanced Post Excerpt provide options formatting on excerpt.
  • Display Posts manage post and excerpt display via shortcodes.
  • Postie create and upload posts only via email. Accompanied by post element customization options such as excerpt, images, and more.
  • Easy Custom Auto Excerpt full-featured and specific to set excerpt display.

So, that’s all you need to know about excerpt. If you are interested in knowing more about blog optimization, don’t forget to read this article: How to Create a Blog and its Optimization (Complete).

Finally, I hope this article is useful. See you in the tutorial article and insight more~

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