How to Solve Google Cache 404 Error Website URL

When Google started to switch to indexing mobile-first in March 2018, not without its problems. This move is both welcomed and dreaded by SEO experts and website owners alike, as the search engine giant will now primarily use the mobile version of your site to determine your rankings! Wow!!!!, and what if you’re not really mobile ready yet? Then, what is the evidence that indicates, that now have prioritized the cellular version?

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Web cache google error 404

This can be seen from the Rahmancyber.NET CACHE Status like this..

cache rahmancyber cellular version

You can access it easily…

how to check website cache on google

Yup! you just added cache:

before the website url, then you will find cache google website the.

When you look at it, at first glance it looks like an ordinary website… but you need to know that it is a the cellular version is RahmanCyber.NET!

Welcome to Mobile First!

Search engine optimization is now becoming more focused on how your website appears on mobile devices, how fast it loads, and how responsive your website is.

Why? to make it faster to open via mobile devices, considering the generational changes that we can see, the current generation has a lot of dependence on Mobile Phones / Smartphones, rather than desktops.

The search rate is also higher in percentage on mobile devices, rather than desktop/

Until I’ve experimented, how to speed up the appearance of the mobile version of the blog

Long story short, when I patrol Sub DomainI found some sub domains for RahmanCyber.NET website urls having errors Google Cache 404 Page Not Found.

Web cache google error 404 on microsoft edge

That’s what it looks like when it’s loaded via the browser Microsoft Edge. While I try to use another browser..

Web cache google error 404 in firefox

That’s how it looks when I wear it Firefox Browser.

Yup! correct error…

Is this because of the Random Post script I planted yesterday? It could be..! because the other sub domains don’t have errors, only the sites that I give the script to Random Post.

In a moment… we will discuss Google Cache Error 404 for you..

Basically, this error is shown when the site owner tries to access the Google cache of the page, as I did.

Google cache is a snippet, or copy, of a page that Google keeps as a backup.

Google use page Website cache you to judge whether it’s a good enough result for the query or not ( Which query sis? The query you can see in Google Search Console deck. Basically when you make a post, with keywords In certain cases, you are collecting a database of articles that can be called via a query / keywords who managed to get traffic on Google Search ).

query google search console


These error pages not only worry the owners, that their site has an urgent problem that needs to be fixed, but they are also afraid because it will affect their carefully maintained SERP rankings SERP Superior / first position).

Imagine, in addition to competitor factors, website access (Down or Normal), link optimization, and many other factors that make SEO owners and optimizers careful, so they don’t lose organic traffic. Now have to be faced with 404 Google Cache ERROR! will this affect the SERP they have built?

The good news is that this error doesn’t affect your ranking, but it can be quite frustrating, even though it’s just a CACHE!.

John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst in Google say:

“[Google Cache 404 Error] can happen, it doesn’t mean anything.”

it means …

“[Google Cache 404 Error] can happen, it means nothing.”

Google cache 404 is an internal matter; it doesn’t affect your ranking or indexing. Google is aware of this problem, so SEO experts, as John puts it, say:

“No need to worry.”

it means…

“No need to worry.”

So, how do you solve the Google Cache 404 Error?

This is relatively easy to solve, with the help of deleting your own cached URLs and replacing them with new ones, we can take advantage of google search by searching for our website urls. Like this in more detail….

1. Go to Google Search

2. Type Blog Url you, for example here is the Blog URL

3. Then the results will appear, for example… like this…

search url cache blog

Once it appears, click the cache button that appears when you click the down arrow, as in the example circled above.

4. OK! we can see the cache for the web..

Cache Search

that’s the result, Search Google Cache version..

and that’s quesearch version Text Only Google Cache version.

Oh! it turns out that there is a cached text version huh… Yup! so true. You can use this as a tool to see the active Text and Links and the structure of the rendered website, whether it’s correct or not… Which one takes priority first or last and doesn’t really matter..

You can use the Text Only version of Google Cache…

Through this, I assume that placing Popular Posts, as well as the latest articles and various other internal Backlinks such as Archives, Random Articles, whose function is so that some of the links that appear can be header again with our latest articles.

At the same time, it can add strength to an old page…

This is a trick that is rarely leaked… so here I am opening it for you..

Is it effective? this is like strengthening SEO ON PAGE.

Let’s discuss deeper What is Google Cache

When the Google spider or bot crawls your site, it needs to assess whether you have relevance and authority in your industry.

These two factors play a huge role in determining your SERP ranking position. If you are not very relevant to the search query, your site’s position will not be good on the search page. Likewise if you do not have the authority to answer the question, you will not appear on the first page / Page One SERP.

With Google cache, you can check how often Google considers your site to be one of the best for answering search queries.

Have a look at this..

google bot visit on main page

The section I’ve circled above, shows you, that’s the most recent time Google Bot, or the Spider, visited your Website. The example above is for the main page, meaning you access it by adding cache: before url

Then what about the other pages… ? the same way, you just add cache: in front of url

google bot visits on specific pages

there it is, you can see the details I circled. Keep in mind, time of visit Google Bot it is different for each page, for example on a more specific website page above

Look at the difference between the two in terms of “Visiting time”the more often you update the page, the more Google will become familiar with your website URL.

Try if your website pages already amount to billions .. how do you update it? Take it easy, that doesn’t mean that Google bots don’t visit your website pages that are rarely updated, but that the frequency of their visits is getting more limited, or the distance between 1 visit and the next visit is getting longer…

Does Google Cache Matter Important?

It is this specific information that can affect the content of your website. If the keywords used on your site are not very relevant, you can change them to improve your rankings.

In addition, by looking at the cached version ‘text only’ from your website you can read and edit the current content on your site, making sure it has the right amount of context and quality to make it highly relevant and able to lead the SERPs in the Industry or niche or field or niche….that you are in, based on the keywords you are aiming for.

Moreover, Google bots does not judge the format or illustration in which your copy appears; they read it and rate it as text only to judge how high it is.

Also, by checking the cache of a website, you can see how often Google makes the latest version. If you find that, for example, the last cache was done two weeks ago, it indicates that Google doesn’t think your page is relevant enough to update.

However, if the last cache happened yesterday, you’ll know that Google views your website as highly relevant, and important enough to update.

Temporary Error Google Cache 404 frustrating, there is another way, by following the way I gave above.

However, it should be noted that 404 error it doesn’t have a negative impact on the ranking you achieve, other than the factors I mentioned above…

This I mentioned!

Competitor factors, website access (Down or Normal), link optimization, and many other factors that make SEO owners and optimizers careful

Most important is competitors who have professional and many SEO resources (For this you need MONEY, who wants to work without money?) … if you are fighting alone … of course this is very tiring, you are dealing with people who are paid, while you yourself are very difficult to get adsense clicks, where do you come from? you get income to reward your hard work?

I will smile 🙂

I know and feel, here I also change various traits in RahmanCyber.NET, some are FORMAL like this, some are informal, some are mixed.. This is an entertainment for me.

You know… Competition is fun… so we need entertainment! one of them changes the intonation of writing… When we make them as enemies, it will only be tiring.. because you are alone, and there are many of them… Take the other side, make writing as your playing arena 🙂 regardless of the reader’s response … hihihi..

You know, when I present an article formally like this, while writing, I’m like speaking as a CEO in front of people who see me presenting in front.

It’s very fun, I feel nostalgic during the TRIAL EXAM Final project, I really enjoy doing presentations among several lecturers.

When there are lecturers who are considered by other students as killer lecturers.. I’m actually happy, it’s like a challenge to conquer them.

But the point is I’m not afraid, instead I’m so happy, because it’s a rare moment, I’m like the Leader of a company presenting a Product! It’s rare that what we talk about is noticed by important people.

And that gives me the notion that their words are “WRONG” who think the FINAL EXAMINATION is scary! they just scare, like when children were not circumcised!

So when you visit RahmanCyber, and find different traits, you can see my emotions at that time…

So… Hope you don’t regret it.

Greetings from me..


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