How to Start a Motorcycle Variation Business, Here are Tips

How to Start a Motorcycle Variation Business, Here are Tips

With the increasing number of vehicles today, this will certainly provide business opportunities for those of you who want to start a business in the field of motorcycle accessories.

As we know, motorcycle manufacturers are always aggressively releasing the latest products so that consumers are interested in having the latest and best motorcycles.

This business opportunity is in fact not wasted by several parties by opening a motorcycle repair shop or a motorcycle variation shop.

Not a few of these entrepreneurs finally began to switch to this business field, because it was considered to have more good prospects.

But even so, of course, how to start a motorcycle variation business is not as easy as imagined. There are many things that you need to know and consider carefully.


more, the business of motorcycle variations is now increasingly mushrooming. So you will have some rivals who may be quite strong.

Then how about how to start this motorbike variation business? To get the answer, then you need to read the review below to the end.

How to Start a Motorcycle Variation Business?

The motorcycle variation business opportunity is still wide open, because the market share for this business is very wide.

This is what ultimately makes many business actors switch businesses and look at motorcycle variation shops as a way to earn a lot of income.


of course not everything went smoothly, because some of them did not know very well how to start a variation business.

Prepare Capital

The thing that is most needed the first time when you want to open a motorcycle variation business is to prepare enough capital.

Capital is a very important part, as well as a strong intention.

So that later these business opportunities can run and develop, then you will need the right strategy, so that the turnover you want to achieve can be realized.

For example, here you have to prepare an initial Budget which is divided according to each position.

These include:

Rent: initial capital will be required for you to rent a place. At least prepare the budget for 55% of the capital owned, including the costs for renovations.

Facilities and infrastructure: the next budget is allocated for facilities and infrastructure.

Opening a motorcycle variation shop, of course, you will need a variety of equipment to make installation easier.

For these facilities and infrastructure, you can allocate 15% of the total budget.

Operating costs: the thing that is no less important for you to think about is the operational costs for the next 1 month.

With this operational cost, of course, all activities or activities in your motorbike variation place can run smoothly.

Because without these operational costs, of course you will be confused about running a motorbike variation business in the next 1 month.

Determining a Strategic Location

The next way to start a motorcycle variation business is that you have to determine a really strategic business location.

The location of the business will indeed have an influence on the short-term success of your motorcycle variation shop.

To determine this location, it will require analysis and making decisions that are really right. With a strategic location, of course, business opportunities will be even greater.

Make sure the business location you choose is really easy to know and reach by consumers.

You can choose a location on the outskirts of the highway, so access to your motorbike variation is easy.

Also make sure the highway you choose is a two-way street, and there are no roadblocks in the middle area.

Because after all this will affect the number of consumers later.

Strive for your place of business to really be in the center of a crowd, such as near office areas, campuses, schools, markets and so on.

So that way many people will know about the existence of your motorcycle variation shop.

Facilities and Infrastructure

After you get a location that is really considered to be able to increase the business opportunities that you will run later, then the next way to start a business is to prepare the facilities and infrastructure.

Things that are very common in motorcycle variation shops are storefronts, benches, tables, chairs, nameplates, correct, note books, shelves of goods and so on.

Strive for the facilities and infrastructure of your motorbike variation shop to use the appropriate budget.

The facilities and infrastructure that you place in the store are items that will later generate profits or turnover from a business.

For this reason, the purchase of these equipment must be calculated for the depreciation value, because of course it will be able to affect the profits that you will get later.

Complete equipment is very important for you to prepare. Because when you open a motorcycle variation shop, you will also need equipment to install all variations on consumers’ motorcycles.

And of course this will require equipment that is not small. Make sure the equipment you have is completely complete and in accordance with standards so that the process can be done even faster. This in the end will also affect the level of satisfaction of consumers in your place.

Why Should You Prepare Merchandise?

Preparing Merchandise

How to Start a Motorcycle Variation Business

The next way to start a motorcycle variation business is to prepare merchandise. Later you need to buy the product you want to sell.

For this reason, it is important to choose a motorcycle variation distributor that is truly trusted. This is done so that the costs you have to spend will be cheaper and also minimal.

This motorbike variation business opportunity is indeed very tempting, of course you can easily find distributors of these motorbike variations.

However, you need to find a distributor who really has a pretty good reputation.

This is so that later you don’t feel disadvantaged by goods that are not of high quality.

Another thing that also needs to be considered for the point of how to start a motorcycle variation business on this one is that you have to pay attention to the completeness of the products being sold.

The more complete the variety of motorcycle products you provide, of course it will make consumers feel more comfortable shopping at your place. And this will also increase the business opportunities of the business you are running.

The Right Marketing Strategy

The way to start the next motorcycle variation business so that it can grow rapidly is to do the right marketing strategy.

There are so many beginners who finally fail in running this motorbike variation business even though the business opportunity is very good. That’s because they lost in competing with competitors.

In business or business, what you need to know, strategy is absolutely necessary so that you can win the competition.

Consumers, marketing processes and promotions must always be intensified. You can use conventional media or digital media, such as the internet to introduce your motorcycle variations to consumers.

That was a review of the motorcycle variation business opportunity and how to start the business.

Running a business cannot be done carelessly, so that later the business can survive and grow bigger. Therefore, it is important for you to know tips in developing a business.