How to start an online business from scratch

Starting in 2018, online business is growing. Especially at the end of 2009 to 2020 during a pandemic like this. More and more businesses are mushrooming everywhere.

Even more interesting, many of these online businesses have proven themselves to be able to reap lucrative profits and are able to reach more markets, even without having a physical shop or stall.

Uniquely, this online business can be done by anyone, from school children to those who have 4 heads, whoever wants to make a profit.

Surely many of you are interested in trying to jump into the world of online business for various reasons, ranging from wanting to try a business but have mediocre capital,

want to increase your income because of the salary cut during the pandemic, so for you schoolchildren who want to have their own pocket money while studying online at home.

Well, to minimize wrong steps, you should start with the preparations you need to prepare before building this online business.

The first thing you need to prepare is to know what business you want, whether it’s a business that provides services or products.

If you are still confused about one of them, try to think about what your passion is that you can cash in on.


you already know what your passion is but are confused because your passion cannot be cashed, try looking for references on Youtube or Google because all passions can actually be used to increase rupiah coffers.

For example, if you like to eat traditional food, you can try selling traditional food. And to make it look exclusive, make its own innovations starting from changing the appearance or modifying traditional snack recipes.

For example, onde – onde, Indonesian food is round with a sprinkling of sesame and green bean filling, you can change its appearance by changing the green bean filling with melted chocolate filling and colorful sprinkles other than sesame seeds.


if you have a passion in the language field, you can try opening a translation service starting from documents, novels, and so on. After knowing what you are going to sell, the next step is to do market research.

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In addition to determining the market price, another point that you can think about before starting a business is doing market research.

Find out if the product or service you are going to sell is something the market needs.

You can try searching on Google first by typing in the keywords of the business you want to run.

For example, onde – onde earlier, type onde – onde earlier as a keyword, if you find a lot of articles related to this onde – onde, it is very likely that people like onde – onde.

In addition to doing market research, do competitor research as well. First, analyze what products and what kind of products are sold by your competitors, including what kind of services.


can start by opening a marketplace platform that sells products or services similar to what you are going to sell,

do it also by opening various social media and buying and selling sites such as Facebook, Instagram, OLX, and many more examples.

Pay attention and check what they are selling, how are the consumer reviews in the rating and review column, find out what their consumers’ constraints are and then use it as a benchmark to provide better service.

For example, store “A” has many product variants, but there are many reviews that say that the store’s delivery service is slow or the packaging is not neat.

Then promote these weaknesses in your shop. Offer to customers that you can guarantee neat packaging and express delivery service.

After going through the stages of searching for products or services to be sold, market research, and competitor research, the next step is to find a reliable supplier.

Look for research online and offline for potential suppliers who provide your goods or merchandise at wholesale prices.


can look for suppliers from anywhere as long as they are able to meet the needs of materials or goods and get cheaper prices and of course benefit me.

Of course, you can find this supplier in any part of Indonesia, even abroad. Examples of suppliers from abroad that you can choose are several sellers on Alibaba and Shopify.

One of the characteristics of a business that can be successful and continue to grow is that its sales can be developed continuously.

Well, one way is to sell products that are your own brand. By having your own brand,

How to start an online business from scratch

You can develop sales by looking for resellers, dropshippers, distributors to position yourself as a supplier. This will increase your sales volume.

Don’t forget to also strengthen your product branding. Currently there are many special classes for business branding, especially online, during this pandemic.

The stronger your branding, the more your products are known to more people and trusted by them.

To start a business is easy – easy difficult. One of them is the capital constraint.

But with the digital era like today, everyone can open a business without spending a lot of capital.

You only need to prepare the selection of products/services to be sold, market research and competitors, branding strategies, online platforms as marketing and branding media.

You can start by using free platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or marketplaces such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak and so on.

But, to increase your business branding online, you should need to create a website so that your business is more trusted.

A survey conducted by Verisign revealed that there are 56% of people who doubt an online business that does not have a website even though this number is now decreasing in number due to the proliferation of online businesses.

After your product is ready to launch, create a promo or anything that attracts consumers to buy your product.

One of them is a half price promo, or a free promo for the first 10 or consumers for example.

Advertise the promo through FB Ads or Google Ads. Why not IG ads?

Because the amount of user data owned by FB and Google is more than any other new platform, especially Instagram is now owned by Facebook as well.

FB Ads and Google Ads are fairly cheap, you can start advertising your products from $ 5 per day or per week.

You can also ask celebgrams or friends who already have a lot of followers to promote your sales account.

Now, after getting some consumers from the promos and advertisements, think about how to keep your customers loyal.

You can start with the trick of giving discounts for customers who have made purchase transactions more than 2 to 5 times, for example.

Or those who are willing to become a reseller of your product. You can also give a percentage discount if your customers are willing to promote your sales account on their social media accounts.

To start a business, the most important thing, even more important than preparing capital and preparation for sales is to prepare your mindset or mentality as a businessman.

The stronger your mindset, the stronger your foundation as a businessman will be.

Strengthening the mindset as a businessman is very important, because running a business always makes us face two things, namely between failure or success. If the foundation of your mindset is not strong enough

1. Don’t expect instant riches

One of the mindsets that entrepreneurs must have is to never expect to get rich quick. It is true that being an entrepreneur can bring in a lot of money, but almost all entrepreneurs work very, very hard to succeed in their business.

2. Prepare any process for success

In a business, there is no business story that once tried immediately succeeded in a short time. One of them that allows it to happen is the luck factor.

So, prepare to work extra hard, and prepare any process to make you successful, such as preparing management strategies, finance, to marketing.

Also prepare a backup strategy from strategy A, strategy B, and so on. To solve the problem if strategies A and B fail when practiced.

Those are some things you need to know if you want to start a business from scratch. Good luck.