How to Succeed as a Farmer in the Digital Age

How to Succeed as a Farmer in the Digital Age

Opportunities to work in the agricultural world are now increasingly wide open, besides that the prospects in this field are also very good.

Maybe in the past working in agriculture was considered a job that was not very productive. But now with technological advances, the agricultural sector can provide a large turnover for you, the perpetrators.

This is because the empowerment of technology in this digital era is increasingly maximizing the results obtained from the agricultural sector.

Here’s how to succeed in farming in the digital age. Those of you who intend to work in this field or maybe you who are currently working as farmers should read the article to the end.

1. Adapting to the times

The first thing that needs to be done to become a successful farmer in the digital era is to be able to adapt to the current developments.

The world of digital and technology is currently growing rapidly. This of course makes you have to be able to adapt.

Because that way you can have the opportunity to become a successful farmer. In the past, agricultural activities were carried out using traditional equipment, now there are many tools that make this work easier.

You don’t necessarily have to abandon the old ways completely. Because there may be several ways from the old method that are more effective.

So that way all you need to do here is combine the new way with the old way. Thus, it maximizes agricultural yields.

2. Empowering technology

The next thing you can do is empower technology. Currently, there are many technological equipment that you can use to facilitate all work processes in the field.

By utilizing these technologies, it will certainly make the farming process easier.

You can easily access information about all the ins and outs of agriculture through technology. Because, as we all know, the government is currently holding a program for digital agriculture.

In the program, of course, there will be counseling, so that later you will be able to get some new knowledge related to agriculture. This knowledge is not only technical in nature, but also includes information on harvesting machines, weather forecasts or on distribution for agricultural products.

Why should you take advantage of what is there?

3. Take advantage of existing opportunities

There is no doubt that to become a successful farmer, you need to take advantage of all the opportunities that arise in front of you. In this sophisticated world, many conveniences have been offered to you farmers who want to be successful in this field.

You just need to dare to try and dare to innovate. No need to be afraid to look different from the others. For example, you try to plant seeds that are different from the crops of other farmers. By planting a uniform type of crop will make the offering of your agricultural produce is not much different from the others.

Because there are still a lot of stock from other farmers. But if you have different agricultural products, of course it will be a winning point. The offer price for your agricultural products is also higher because the stock is limited.

4. Dare to innovate

You cannot be successful if you are too afraid to innovate. For a businessman, innovation is very important. Likewise for a farmer. Examples of innovations that you can do, such as not selling agricultural products directly on the market.

But here you process the agricultural products into a culinary product. If you can make a product that is still unique and new.

This will certainly increase the value and yield of your farm. Make attractive packaging so that it has a fairly high selling value.

You need to know that most products will have added value when packaged in a proper and elegant way. After that you can promote your product through social media networks. It aims to make your product known by the wider community.

Improving product quality and innovating agricultural products will certainly make sales of these products more effective and increase.

By creating attractive packaging, you will certainly be able to attract more consumers in the market.

Another thing to note is that you should not only rely on one type of agricultural commodity.

When you already have various types of agricultural commodities and all of them have quality products, it will increase your product’s penetration in the international market.

When this happens, of course, the demand for your agricultural products will also increase. This will automatically increase the income earned by farmers.

Which in the end you are increasingly on the road to becoming a successful farmer in the digital era by utilizing technology.

5. Building partnership

Another thing you can do to succeed in farming in the digital era is to build a partnership with economic actors. Especially here you are working with digital economy actors.

Currently, many agricultural cooperatives have used a digitalization system. You can build a partnership with the cooperative. So here it avoids you to sell agricultural products to a middleman.

Because as we know that the majority of middlemen will only provide small returns for farmers. Meanwhile, if you partner with a cooperative, of course there will be a profit sharing system with clear rules. So that the results obtained from your farming will be even greater.

6. Utilization of cloud-based applications and software

In this modern era, people always want to do things in a fast, practical, safe and easy way. In fact, you can also apply this to agricultural products.

By utilizing cloud-based applications and software, it will be easier for you to make and increase sales of your agricultural products. There are many things that cloud-based applications and software can do.

For example, being able to map agricultural products, being able to calculate the amount of fertilizer that needs to be used, being able to predict the weather,

to the marketing of these agricultural products. That way, of course, you as a farmer will be made easier in many ways.

As a learning process on the use of cloud-based applications, you need to follow the counseling carried out by the relevant parties.

This will further broaden your knowledge in the field of agricultural technology.

Maybe at first you will have difficulty when going through the process of using this technology. But if you are used to it then it will look easy. In addition, the results offered will be much more optimal.

The application of technology in agriculture has now been applied by the country of cherry. So it is natural that we find the harvest from this country so perfect. This will ultimately have an impact on the selling value of the agricultural products themselves.