How to Switch to New Facebook View on Computer/PC

How to Switch to New Facebook View on Computer/PC

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Recently the popular social media in the world, Facebook surprises with a new look. Maybe many of you Facebook Computer users have received notifications to try out the new look.

It’s a leader’s social media Mark Zuckerberg Since its inception, it has continued to update and provide the best features. For the sake of continuity and continue to survive as the number one social media, of course Facebook continues to update features according to the times.

As well as Dark Mode or Night Mode is still a trend on smartphones, because this display will make users comfortable when we are in low light places. For that Facebook also provides this feature on the Facebook display on the computer.

The good news is that even though we have switched to the new view, we can also freely return to the old Facebook view any time we want. We think the clean white new look is our choice, how about you? let’s see how to switch the following.

How to Appear New Facebook on PC

1. Open and log in first on your computer Facebook

2. Click the inverted triangle menu in the upper right corner, after the menu appears, select it and click Switch to New Facebook.

How to Switch to New Facebook View on Computer/PC

3. Wait for it to go astray and the display will change to a new one with a clean look.

How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode

This feature previously existed on WhatsApp until it became popular, because the initial update of the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature was carried out gradually. We know that WhatsApp is a chat application owned by Facebook that has become a popular messaging success today.

1. Open Facebook computer, then click the inverted triangle menu in the top corner

2. After the menu appears you click Dark Mode (Dark Mode) until the button turns blue and the Facebook background will instantly turn dark black.

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3. Meanwhile, if you want to switch to the old view, click Switch to Facebook Classic.

4 New Features in Facebook New Look

1. Pure White Design

If you use the classic look, Facebook will dominate the bright blue color, but not for the new look. The new look, launched in 2020, is redesigned to flatten, Facebook’s white design makes the display cleaner and brighter.

2. Dark Mode

We have already mentioned this but maybe we will explain again. This is good news if we don’t like the bright display, we can activate the Dark Mode feature. This feature will trigger users, especially for those who often watch Facebook pages so they don’t get tired easily.

3. News Feeds and Groups

The news feed will be an interesting new feature as groups will be prioritized. Don’t be surprised if later posts from the group will appear more often than before, we have felt that too.

4. Features for Momunity

We now understand that Facebook is not only for personal friendship, through this social media we can also build a community. Especially with the new features in the community such as chat for YouTuber groups and other communities. This is also a great opportunity to grow your business through the Facebook community.

Also the increase in interaction for Live on Facebook is intended for buying and selling activities, of course, it will make it easier for you to interact with potential buyers.

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