How to Take Care of Acne & Remove the Scars

Every woman wants a beautiful and smooth face. But unfortunately, some women have facial acne. So they have to find a way to treat the acne face. If you have an acne-prone face, check out this article to treat your face, come on!

How to treat facial acne is difficult and easy. Patience is needed so that the acne does not come back and the scars disappear. To find out some of the ways, you really read this article.

Some people will think of acne as a big problem. Once it appears on your face, it will make you feel inferior and not confident enough to upload photos on your social media accounts.

Not to mention if you are going to hold an important event that requires you to look beautiful with a smooth face. Of course you don’t want it, the pimples that appear on your face interfere with your important events.

Before the problem gets wider, it would be better if you immediately find a way to treat facial acne. With the hope that it will make your facial skin clean and smooth without acne.

If you’re looking for a way to treat facial acne, now you don’t have to worry anymore. Check this article now, come on!

1. Treating Acne Face with Special Products

Acne prone skin is quite sensitive. One little use of beauty products, can make your skin condition even worse.

Therefore, make sure to always choose a series of acne facial care products. Whatever brand you choose, the principle is that the product should at least be able to clean and heal acne at the same time.

For example, to wash your face use scrub and facial soap free oil. Then use the gel cream salicylic acid as a cure for inflammation caused by acne.

To reduce oil on your acne prone face, use products that contain cucumber. While as a moisturizer, use skin care containing green tea or aloe vera.

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2. Avoid Certain Types of Cosmetics

Actually, it would be much better if you avoided using it make-up when your face is acne And it would be better if you want to use make-up have to wait until the pimple is gone first.

In addition, as a daily treatment for acne-prone faces, there are certain cosmetics that should not be applied to acne-prone faces. Here are four types of cosmetics to avoid when you have acne on your face:

a. Compact Powder

You probably already know that one of the advantages of using compact powder is that it can make your facial skin look perfect. Its dense, smooth, and dense texture is able to cover any imperfections on your face.

However, avoid using this compact powder when your face is full of pimples, OK? The problem is, this type of powder can also clog your pores. It’s not funny, if your acne doesn’t decrease, it just gets more and more.

It would be much better to use a powder that contains salicylic acid or sulfur. This is because the sulfur content in the powder can help prevent acne.

b. Face Whitening

Did you know that using facial whitening products when you have acne is not at all recommended? This is because facial whitening products can actually cause inflammation on your face.

As is well known, acne-prone skin tends to be sensitive, so one little mistake can make your skin problems worse. Therefore, you have to be more careful in having cosmetics for your face.

c. Moisturizers Contain Alcohol

When applied to your face, an alcoholic moisturizer does feel cool and fresh. However, it turns out that this action actually worsens the condition of your acne.

Basically, any product that contains alcohol is not suitable for acne prone skin. In addition to containing alcohol, products that you should avoid are those that contain strong fragrances.

d. Products with Content Benzoyl Peroxide

Substance benzoyl peroxide you can actually find it in many products acne series. Scientifically this substance is proven to be able to shrink acne.

However, excessive use and not in accordance with the right dosage will actually cause irritation, inflammation, and even peeling of the skin. If you want to use a product that contains benzoyl peroxideit is better if you consult first with a trusted beauty doctor.

3. Maintain Cleanliness of the Face and Hands

How to treat facial acne must start from habit simple and trivial. One of them is to keep hands and face clean. Make sure you wash your face regularly so that the dirt that sticks can be cleaned.

In addition to the face, of course you also have to make sure to always wash your hands before touching your face, especially before you do facial acne treatments before going to bed. Even though it looks clean, dust and dirt from your activities since the morning will definitely stick to your hands. Therefore, clean it with an antiseptic soap after the activity.

4. Don’t Solve Pimples

When new red spots appear on your face, it often makes the pimple itchy. That itching sensation will definitely make you want to squeeze or scratch that itchy pimple.

In fact, one way to treat acne and sensitive skin is to avoid touching or squeezing your pimples. Because that action will actually make your acne red and inflamed. Not to mention if it causes scars that have been missing for a long time.

Therefore, when a pimple appears on your face, use another method to remove the pimple. For example, doing treatment at a dermatologist, using safe acne removal products, or using natural ingredients so that pimples can disappear naturally.

5. Avoid Hair Sticking to Your Face

Hair is the part of the body that is closest to the face and is most susceptible to making your facial skin breakouts. Even though from the outside your hair looks clean and harmless, in fact, there is actually a lot of dust and dirt stuck to your hair, you know!

How to treat stone acne, the first thing you have to do is make sure to always take care of your hair and wipe the sweat on your skin using a soft dry tissue. Because the hair that sticks to your facial skin, coupled with sweat and dust pollution will make your facial skin dull and aggravate your acne.

Simply put, always tuck your hair behind your ear or in a ponytail. That way the hair will not touch your facial skin.

6. Reduce Milk Consumption

Milk is a highly nutritious drink that complements the 4 healthy 5 perfect menu. The content of fat, protein, and calories is very dominant so it is good for the growth and development of the body.

However, based on a study in British Medical Journal brought up the fact that milk can make acne worse. This is because milk contains hormones androgens which is responsible for producing oil glands.

The more frequent consumption of milk will make the production of sebum increases and eventually accumulates in the hair follicles under the skin. Until finally the pores are clogged and the acne is getting inflamed.

As a recipe for oily and acne skin care, it’s better if you reduce milk consumption. It would be better to drink more water because it is more healthy.

7. Healthy Lifestyle

In every traditional acne facial treatment, the most important thing that is always repeated is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of what you should do is drink at least one liter of water per day, eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fish that have high fiber and protein.

Do not eat too often fast food and oily food. You should also not consume too many sweet drinks with flavors or even those containing soda. And most importantly, don’t forget to exercise regularly.

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Caring for Your Face from New Acne

There are several ways to get rid of acne that you can use to make your face clean and shiny again. But of course it’s not a wise thing if you don’t try to find ways to treat acne prone faces.

Because if your acne-prone face is not treated properly, how can you get a beautiful and acne-free face? So what are you waiting for? Let’s take care of your face and get your beautiful face right away!

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