How to take three finger screenshots on a Samsung All Type cellphone

How to take three finger screenshots on a Samsung All Type cellphone

Three Finger Screenshot is a screenshot method that is quite popular compared to screenshots with the power and volume buttons. Where taking screenshots using physical buttons feels outdated.

Samsung cellphones themselves are equipped with several ways to take screenshots. One of them is to use three fingers, so Samsung cellphone users can drag the screen with three fingers so the cellphone will automatically take a screenshot.

To catch the Three Finger Screenshot Method on a Samsung cellphone, it can be done if the user does the settings first. Even though the feature exists, users must first activate it to be able to take screenshots.

There are indeed many screenshot options on Samsung cellphones. Where every Samsung cellphone has the same screenshot method, both in the flagship class, mid range and for low bugdet, the screenshot method is of course the same.

To be able to take screenshots on a Samsung cellphone using three fingers, you need to activate the Gesture feature first. To access this gesture menu is the same as accessing the settings menu first.

How to take three finger screenshots on a Samsung All Type cellphoneScreenshot will make the screen display an image. So when the screen displays any image when the user takes a screenshot, the cellphone will automatically save it as an image to the cellphone gallery.

Samsung cellphone users must really understand how to take a screenshot using three fingers. For those of you who are curious, you can follow the easy way from Projektino this time about how How to screenshot three fingers on a Samsung cellphone.

As an alternative to taking screenshots using three fingers which cannot be done. Samsung cellphone users can take screenshots using a floating swipe on the screen. This floating screen swipe can be used on the Samsung A series.

Mobile phones like the Samsung A20, A30, A50 and so on can do floating screen swipes as long as you set them in the settings menu. Users must first activate the gesture menu to be able to take screenshots using floating swipes.

  1. Please enter the menu Arrangement on Samsung phones
  2. Then select the menu Advanced Features at the bottom.
  3. Continue selecting the menu Movement and Gestures.
  4. After that please activate the menu Apply Palms To take.
  5. If this feature is active, then you can take screenshots by way of a Floating swipe on the HP screen.

You can take a screenshot on a SAMSUNG cellphone with this floating swipe as an alternative to taking a screenshot using three fingers. For now there is no feature that you can use to take a screenshot of a Samsung cellphone with three fingers.

This option can be a modern option and you should rely on it to take modern screenshots. You Samsung cellphone users, don’t forget to activate the gesture feature first to be able to use Samsung’s floating screen swipe.

Also know that the options above can be applied to all Samsung cellphones. Especially for Samsung cellphones with the new One UI, you can definitely capture it using the floating swipe option.

So Samsung users don’t need to be discouraged by the absence of a three-finger SS. Users still have the option to do with screen swipes. Hopefully the information this time can be useful to know too. See also interesting reviews about “Latest Indihome WiFi PRICE” in a previous review from Projektino regarding the IndiHome Package payment scheme.