How to TopUp or Top Up Mandiri E-Cash

Mandiri e-cash

Technology is growing faster, friend Racy! In the past, for banking, we used to go to ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), now it’s CASHLESS.

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Like this Mandiri e-Cash..

Mandiri e-cash is electronic money on your cellphone that can be used without having to open a bank account. By using the Mandiri e-cash payment method, you don’t need to confirm your payment because your payment has been automatically verified.

Now, we have also felt the convenience, from topup balances to payments to merchants… this is not a promotion but just sharing experiences, you know.. ^_^

especially for those of you who already have an independent E-Cash account but are confused about how to top it up.. we will tell you how to top up the balance..

To top up your Mandiri e-cash balance:

Top Up Balance Via ATM Mandiri

Select the Electronic Money menu
Choose the e-cash standalone menu
Choose Refill
Enter your mobile number
Enter your top-up amount

Top Up Balance Via Mandiri SMS Banking

Access *141*6#
Select the Transfer menu
Choose e-cash
Enter mobile number
Enter the recharge amount

Top Up Balance Via Mandiri Internet Banking

Login to Mandiri Internet account
Select the Electronic Money menu
Choose independent e-cash
Choose Refill
Enter mobile number
Enter the recharge amount

Top Up Balance Via Mandiri clickpay
Login to the standalone e-cash application
Select menu Fill e-cash
Select Fill in the Mandiri Debit Card Number
Enter the recharge amount & internet token response

Top Up Balance Via another bank transfer

Select the Transfer menu
Choose Another Bank
Choose transfer to independent bank (code: 008)
Fill in the destination account number with the format “80+mobile number”
Enter the recharge amount

That’s Several Ways to TopUp/Fill Mandiri E-Cash Balance Easily.. in addition, we provide additional information about Mandiri E-Cash:

What is Mandiri e-cash?

Mandiri e-cash is a server-based electronic money that utilizes USSD technology and applications on cellular phones that allow users to perform banking transactions such as e-Money top ups, cash deposits and withdrawals, balance checks, transfers between Mandiri e-cash accounts and transaction features. others that will be developed without having to open an account at a Bank Mandiri branch.
What are the standalone features of e-cash?

Mandiri e-cash features that can be enjoyed by holders of e-cash are as follows:

  • Balance information and transaction history
  • Top up balances from Bank Mandiri e-channels, transfer ATMs together, and cash through retail stores
  • Transfer to another mobile phone number
  • Transfer to a Bank Mandiri savings account
  • Withdraw Cash at Bank Mandiri ATMs without using an ATM card
  • Pay/buy bills or at collaborating merchants

What are the conveniences that can be enjoyed from Mandiri e-cash?

Some of the facilities that can be enjoyed by holders are as follows:

  • In lieu of cash
  • Can be used on all types of cell phones
  • Easy registration without having to come to a Bank Mandiri branch
  • No need to bother looking for the right money for small nominal transaction payments
  • Easy transfer to mobile phone numbers without having to memorize bank account numbers

Self-service e-cash does not involve banks directly, is it safe?

This service is very safe because every Mandiri e-cash account holder registration is required to create a secret code and PIN. And each transaction can only be executed if the holder has entered the appropriate PIN.
If I am not a Bank Mandiri customer, can I enjoy the Mandiri e-cash service?

Everyone who has an active cell phone and SIM card can become an independent e-cash holder.

How to get self-service e-cash?

Cellular phone users can access Mandiri e-cash using USSD by typing *141*6# then selecting call. For smartphone users, Mandiri e-cash can be accessed by downloading applications from the Apps Store, Google Play, Nokia Store, Blackberry World, and Windows Store.

After that, users can register themselves for e-cash first by filling in some brief data such as:

USSD *141*6# : Name, Secret Password and PIN
Application : Name, No. KTP, Address, Date of Birth, Secret Word, and PIN

Users who have registered will be registered as Unregistered holders. In order to become a Registered holder, the user must first upgrade the self-service e-cash.

What are Unregistered holders and Registered holders?

Unregistered holders are independent e-cash holders who have just registered using short data in the form of name, date of birth, and email (optional).

Meanwhile, Registered holders are independent e-cash holders who have upgraded their e-cash self services.


Here we are not affiliated with Mandiri E-Cash, all forms of service are the responsibility of Mandiri E-Cash itself. We only review and share our first experience of using Mandiri E-Cash for payments without having to open a bank account.
some information can be obtained from the Mandiri E-Cash Website Portal directly

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