How to work more productively by eliminating multi-tasking

Are you someone who likes to work multi-tasking? So are you more productive? Of course not, multitasking can reduce your work productivity. Then how to be productive at work? Let’s find out how to focus on work to increase work productivity.

Did you know that if our brains are designed to focus on one thing at a time, and bombard it with information, it will only slow it down. That is the reason why multitasking activities can reduce work productivity.

Multi-tasking activities kill your productivity

How to Work Productively

Many people think they can multitask without reducing work productivity, but could it be all in their heads? There must be some jobs that cannot be done effectively.

Because basically if the brain is designed to focus on one thing, if you still do multitasking there will be a decrease in the quality and efficiency of work. Even a study in University

of London revealed that people who do task experience a significant decrease in IQ. The decrease even reached 10 Points

Even doing a lot of multitasking will increase cortisol which is a stress hormone, it causes you to feel mentally tired. Mental fatigue will reduce productive work,

Starting today, eliminate the habit of multitasking to work more productively and increase productivity at work, of course, also reduce stress caused by multitasking.

Start Learning Focus

Productive Work with a Focus on Work

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How to increase productivity at work? The best way to increase work productivity is by Focus. Focus is the main thing that can increase your productive performance.


to focus on one thing that you are really doing, even if it is difficult because it is distracted by your minor work. Here you can start thinking to focus on one thing that you really want to finish before doing other work. That way it will be easier for you to increase the productivity of your performance.

Remember that focus is the main thing in making Productive Work, From now on, try to focus on one job that you really care about. Let’s Work More Productively With Focus.

Keep your cellphone and work in a quiet place

Increase Performance Productivity
id="caption-attachment-47913" class="wp-caption-text">Comfortable Workplace Improves Performance

Want to Work Productively? The answer is to put your cell phone away and work in a quieter place. Maybe this is real, if cellphones often interfere with productivity at work. So from now on you can keep or put your cellphone in a special place.

This special place means that when you work, you focus on work without playing with your cellphone, but when a call comes in you can reach it easier to pick up and answer the call.

What is no less important is a quiet workplace. A quiet workplace is one of the things that increases productivity and performance is much better. A quiet place can make you able to focus and of course work productively.

If your workplace doesn’t allow for calm, you can bring yourself much more calm and relaxed. Focus on your work and don’t pay attention to things you shouldn’t be paying attention to.

How to be productive at work is easy – easy is difficult, depending on how you react to it. Productive work relates to oneself as mentioned above. And one thing, don’t let you multitask with the aim of increasing productivity at work, this is misguided. The point is that the focus is the main thing to increase performance productivity.


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