How was Brandon Lee’s shooting in The Crow?

Maybe you, who are the 80s and 90s or the current generation, are still very curious. Specifically curious about the fatal shooting incident of Brandon Lee on the set of the film The Crow (1994).

Of course, the reason I brought up this tragic event is because of the events experienced by actor Alec Baldwin (The Shadow) a few hours ago. Specifically, when he was shooting a scene in his latest film, Rusthe killed one of his crew.

The crew was none other than the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins (Snowbound). In addition, he also injured the director, Joel Souza (Hannah’s Gold). Baldwin when firing prop gun His (property) didn’t think that the gun contained real bullets.

Even though he already uploaded tweets mourning and regret for this accident, still he and the entire set of filming the film, are now in the process of being investigated by the authorities.

Now when this news emerged, all netizens were reminded of a similar incident that happened to Brandon Lee on the set The Crow the. “Brandon Lee” become trending in twitter.

And once again when we see his trending name and the Baldwin incident, many of us are again interested in knowing or remembering the Brandon Lee incident.

Who is Brandon Lee?

But before we discuss the shooting incident of Brandon Lee on set The Crow In this case, maybe it’s better if we discuss this actor’s figure first.

Brandon Lee is an actor of Chinese-Hong Kong descent who has been working since 1986 or around the age of 20. He is the son of the actor at once martial artist legendary Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon).

His acting debut was through a television movie Kung Fu: The Movie (1986) and its TV series adaptation, Kung-Fu: The Next Generation (1987). But his name really soared after being successfully appointed to play the main character, Eric Draven in the film The Crow.

The Crow itself is an adaptation of the hit comic of the same name written by James O’ Barr.

The Shooting Event

In the early days of filming, the shooting process carried out by Lee went fine. But everything took a tragic turn on March 31, 1993.

Launch the main page Wikipedia the actor, Brandon Lee and the crew were shooting the film at the time The Crowher as usual. Well coincidentally that day the scene that Lee did was a shooting scene against his Draven character.

The specific scenario is Draven is shot by a character named Funboy (Michael Massee). Funboy shoots Draven after seeing Funboy and his gang of thugs, raping and killing his fiancé, Shelly Webster (Sofia Shinas).

Now Massee uses a Magnum Revolver type weapon. And this weapon in the previous few scenes he had used and was safe. But when he used it for this Draven shooting scene, it turned into a big disaster.

Bullet dummy (not a real gun bullet) which was in his gun, suddenly exploded and hit Brandon’s abdomen. Even though he was immediately rushed to the hospital and went through 6 hours of surgery, unfortunately Brandon’s life could not be saved. He also died at the age of 28 years.

Filming continues and the film is released

After Brandon’s death, all producers and Paramount Pictures faced a difficult decision. Specifically, whether they will continue or just finish the entire shoot.

Finally they decided The Crow keep shooting. As a result, some scenes that have not been shot by Lee, have to undergo modifications again in an all-out manner.

And luckily when it was all over and released on May 13, 1994, The Crow get a very good response.

Brandon Lee’s appearance in The CrowThis too received a lot of praise and worship. However, of course we can imagine that we would be able to see his other super cool performances if only this incident had never happened at all.

But yes in the end, God said otherwise. Let’s just hope now that fatal shooting incidents on set like those experienced by Brandon Lee and Alec Baldwin will not happen again.

Hopefully in the future the studio and related parties for the film can pay more attention to the safety aspects of the shooting location. Now, what do you think about this discussion? comment below yes.

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