HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer Enters BIAS Program, Given to 5 Elementary School Children


Cervical cancer can be prevented early by giving the HPV vaccine (human papillomavirus). Prevention can be done early starting from the age of 9 years, Mother.

Please note, cervical cancer is still a health problem in Indonesia. The incidence and mortality in Indonesia is the highest among Southeast Asian countries, Bunda.

According to GLOBOCAN 2020 data, cervical cancer is the second most common female cancer with 36,633 cases or 17.2 percent in Indonesia. Cases of death due to uterine cancer is estimated as many as 21,003 people.

Giving the HPV vaccine is one of the steps to prevent cervical cancer. The government itself has included the HPV vaccine in the School Children Immunization Month (BIAS) in a gradual demonstration program since 2016.

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In 2022, the government plans to expand the introduction of the HPV vaccine in 131 districts/cities with a target number of 889,819 children. This program will continue with the national target in 2024.

HPV vaccination in children is given in two doses. The first dose was received by girls in 5th grade, while the second dose was for 6th graders.

BIAS is held in August at the school. There is no delay in giving the vaccine if the child doesn’t get it in 5th grade, Mom.

“For example, a child who is currently in grade 6 means that he or she is not in the program. For them, they will have two choices. First, they will buy their own at an expensive price or wait for the government to make a program,” said Gynecological Oncology Consultant, dr. Andi Dharma Putra Sp. OG (K), in the event World Cancer Day Webinar 2022 via ZoomFriday (4/2/22).

Meanwhile, according to Consultant Gynecological Oncology & Chair of the HOGI Advisory Board, Prof. Dr. dr. Andrijono, Sp.OG(K)-Onk, the HPV vaccine program for school children in BIAS is very effective in preventing cervical cancer. Grade 5 elementary school children are the best targets for the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“This injection has quite a lot of effectiveness, besides being easy to reach because the child is still in school, the child’s immunogenetic factors are also very good, and the antibodies will last for a long time. Research shows that the 10-year-old antibody does not decrease, so it does not require booster,” said Prof Andrijono.

The journey of cervical cancer is quite long. Not all HPV infections become cancer, Mother. However, vaccination can be a way to prevent infection to cancer.

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