HTTP/2 is the speed and security development of HTTP!

HTTP/2 is the development of HTTP/1 which has not been updated for too long, it’s okay that 2015 finally got an update. The basic function of HTTP is a protocol for sending data from the website that you manage through the server, which is expected to be received by the browser of your website visitors, friend.

So basically HTTP’s job is to send data from the server to your browser, friend. HTTP/2 is a part that can speed up the data transfer process and is more secure because it can manage overload.

Not only that, friend, there are many advantages of HTTP/2 that can simplify the quality of your website, friend. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Websites Accessed Faster: The server can more quickly carry out the commands performed by the client. Compared to the old HTTP/1, HTTP/2 is more efficient in the data transformation process when sending data. Many times we encounter problems when loading Java Script pages or website programs when using HTTP/1, the disturbances like the above will be reduced if you use HTTP/2.
  • More Secure with Encryption: The encryption process of data sent from HTTP/2 is more secure than HTTP/1. Where this can make it safer for you to do anything on the Internet with minimal hacker attacks. The more stable and secure, keep using SSL as guaranteed security and increase the quality of your website’s SEO rate.

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Not only that, friend, now almost all browsers already use HTTP/2 technology, so it’s just a matter of time until HTTP/1 is no longer used for websites. If your hosting provider is still using HTTP/1, you should worry, friend.

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If you use Jagoan Hosting, you already use HTTP/2 plus LiteSpeed ​​to increase website access speed, coupled with Bit Ninja to increase the security of your website from spam, Malware attacks and hackers’ attempts to control your website. Servers from Jagoan Hosting also use NVMe storage, friend, it’s faster than SSD, imagine how optimal the speed and security of your website is if you use Jagoan Hosting. Good luck Friend Jagoan.

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