Hunting Jakarta Quiet 2008

Hunting Jakarta Quiet 2008
Hunting Jakarta Quiet 2008 2

At the invitation of om chiko in the discussion forum, me and some of my friends took part in a photo hunting with the theme “Secluded Jakarta”. Well, the situation after Eid has caused the Indonesian capital to be like a “coma”. Most of the people who participated in the hunting were FN Jakarta children, but me and some friends from Bandung also participated in this hunting.

We meet at McDonald’s Thamrin at 7.30. It was really unexpected, more than 100 people participated in the hunt! Yes, we had to change the theme of quiet Jakarta to Jakarta Crowded (with the photographer.. hehe). Hunting this time is really insane.. when someone is lying on the street.. narcissistic in the middle of the road.. wow, it’s a mess.

This is a family photo when I started hunting

Hunting route starts from McD Thamrin to Bunderan HI. It’s not that long, but it’s true that all photographers are crazy… Can’t believe it, just look at the hunting coverage.

Well see you @ jakarta quiet 2009 😀

p. s: photos from hunting will follow.