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Feeling physically and mentally tired, but a sense of pleasure and satisfaction also accompanies. Sunday 26 April, together with friends from photoST tried to climb Mount Puntang which is located in Cimaung village, Banjaran, Bandung regency. Mount Puntang.

Located in the mountains of Malabar, at an altitude of 1290 m above sea level. Mount Puntang is an alternative tour in southern Bandung if you are tired of going to the White Crater or Patangan Lake in Ciwidey.

This place is quite historic, there is a transmitter that allows communication between Bandung – the Netherlands which is approximately 12,000 km! Wew, according to the antenna course, to achieve that distance, if you use a high frequency of around 150 Mhz, and enter it into the formula for the speed of light, you get a wavelength of 2 km!

And that means again an antenna with a diameter of 2 km is needed! aje gile, the antenna stretches from the top of Mount Puntang and Mount Halimun. It turns out that our technology is far behind, yes, at that time the Dutch were able to take advantage of radio waves.


There are many activities that can be done here. Starting from forest tracking, camping, or just playing in the water in a clear and photogenic river of course.

Our goal that day was to reach Curug Siliwangi which is located almost at the top of the mountain. Based on the information we got, from the parking area to the top it can be traveled with a distance of 3.5 km which can be reached in 2 hours.

But it’s true that photographers are hiking, 2 hours delayed to 4 hours more because they often stop taking pictures (read: selfies). The terrain that is taken is not too heavy, it only takes stamina and strong determination.

But when you reach the location of the waterfall, it takes someone who is an expert to climb rocks that are quite high. Be very careful here, the rocks are very slippery and can endanger you and your camera (my camera fell here!!!). One wrong step here, your life is at stake!

The journey through the edge of valleys, ravines, rivers did not break our spirits who were about to reach the top of the mountain. Some people almost slipped into the abyss but were lucky to survive. Was nervous too. Fortunately, there is Uncle Bram who seems to be a former child of Astacala and Uncle Topo who is actually a child of the mountains. 😀

When you get to the top, the tiredness is really gone.. The water is really clear, typical of the mountains. You can even drink it right away. Something bad happened here. When I wanted to take a photo of a waterfall, I SLIP on a slippery rock with the camera hanging around my neck.

As a result, the right position fell on his stomach and the camera immediately hit a rock in the water (it’s scary!). On the same day the next day the camera didn’t work properly at all, in the photos there were horizontal lines.

But fortunately after drying on the tile, the camera is back to normal. Looks like there’s water seeping in… hufff. I’m too lazy to take pictures… even though the waterfall is very photogenic, there are flowers underneath…

On the way home, it turned out to be more difficult because the body was tired and had to brake when it came down if it didn’t want to roll over. But it was a really fun day with the photoST kids. It’s very rare for us to walk like this, in the mental studio. It’s good to be a landscape photographer, the studio is natural… hahaha. Next time I will be back there!

ps: for landscape photography tips, apart from the camera, the equipment parts that need to be added are mine, boots, food, sufficient water and strong calves 😀

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