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Since the author of this blog doesn’t know where he came from (read: he doesn’t have a village), the Eid holidays have become a bit late. I want to work on TP, I’m lazy, I’m looking for a TA title, I can’t find it, I’ve finished the diamonds, I want to go to the mountains and I don’t have any money (glaring at my cousin who is 6 years old, I already got 200 thousand at 9 am on the first day of Eid…!)

But like the previous year, after visiting the battery in Bogor and the engkong in Jakarta (yes, I’m a Sundanese + Betawi mulatto :D), I prefer to enjoy an empty Jakarta left by travelers.

And on a whim to find this thread on FN, I immediately invited photoST friends who had the same fate as me (not pulkam) for a hunting street with a quiet Jakarta theme.

Originally, the hunting was planned for the 23rd, but because the Eid was advanced one day, the hunting was changed to the 22nd. In the FN thread, it was written at 6 am told to gather in front of McD Thamrin.

And because I’m a punctual person (even though I know I’ll be late), I still came at 6 and that’s right, friends, NOBODY F**Kin THERE!! Weh, instead of me being dumbfounded or buying McD’s potatoes which cost like two servings of fried rice, I ended up walking around there. The photos were not clear until the danc called from the inside of his car.

Finally, the new kids gathered at 8 o’clock. Wow, wow, the habit of ragging is ingrained in this country. The hunting was opened by Om WY aka Wiwin Yulius aka the most geeky FN moderator who suddenly shouted. Long live Nikon!!! Huh? 😀

Well, this is where the session craze begins. Okay, has anyone ever slept on Jalan Thamrin? Take a leisurely stroll down the busway? Or just a leisurely stroll while chatting (in the middle of the road)?

Only in quiet Jakarta hunting you can do it!

Btw, this event is on TVone, you know, live from the front of the TV one office at the HI roundabout. Too bad I’m late so I wasn’t interviewed. 😀

Just Info, going to Monas during Eid is a bad idea. Take a look at the photo above, the people below are in a really long queue. It’s really bad. And what’s worse, as tourists-tacky-who-doesn’t-know-what-about-the-monas-entrance-door, we searched for the door and played the Monas with no results and couldn’t find the door.

And after almost jumping over the fence, he realized that there was a sign saying “The entrance to the Monas is through the tunnel”. What the…? Finally laughing at us stupid and country bumpkin. Hahaha :D. And even more stupidly, I didn’t go up to the Monas because I gave up seeing the long queues in the tunnel.

It turns out that entering the Monas fence there is a counter and you have to pay! Then if you want to take the elevator, pay again! @_@ .

After being satisfied with sunbathing at Monas and because they are still not satisfied traveling around Jakarta, there are still two places to visit but I’m too lazy to write about it.

OK, see you @ Jakarta Quiet next year!

My photos can be seen here..

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