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I rarely go on ‘open trips’ with tour agents. Usually I prefer to go alone, or at least with two or three close friends.

But, sometimes it’s fun to join a tour group. Everything is available: itenerary, food, lodging. we just sit back and enjoy the trip, of course with lots of new friends.

Some time ago, I joined a tour group to Ujung Kulon. Since renting a boat in Ujung Kulon is indeed similar to Raja Ampat — it’s not cheap if there are few people, so I decided to join an open trip posted on the Indonesian backpacker forum. Now is the era of tour agents with “backpacker packages” that offer prices that are still reasonable, even though the facilities are minimal.

The photos below are for ipun use only. Because my camera is at the service center. *sob.

Sunrise from the well pier, we departed from Jakarta at midnight, and arrived here at 4 am.
Peucang Island Pier. Blue blue blueeee
There are some Caucasians who make this a private beach…yes, it’s really crowded rather than going to Bali.
One of the corners of the Peucang pier
Behind the previous photo..
After that we trekking into the forest, hoping to meet a rhino. But, the ranger said he also rarely sees it, at least once a year haha. I only found this uncle.
The beach on Peucang Island too, but I forget what it’s called. Ciramea Beach if I’m not mistaken.
Tacky tourist tip kulon.
After that we trekking again to the Cidaon savanna, many mines….
Ujung Kulon is pretty good for a weekend destination. The beach is okay, the underwater is pretty good, some spots (but still far from wow). But, if you go with fun people, any trip will be fun too, right?

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