Husband Never Worships, But When Angry Always Brings Religion


I am a housewife with one child. I’ve been married to my husband for almost four years. But I’m not happy all this time.

My husband is very cool unfriendly, and lack of attention, our communication is minimal. Even WA when necessary. He never appreciated me.

When at home, he never helped me in household matters or with children. All he does is make a living, when he gets home he is busy with his cellphone and never leaves it.

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In making a living he was fairly lazy. Sometimes because he stayed up late playing his cellphone, finally the next morning he didn’t work because he was sleepy or not feeling well. Even though our finances are very difficult and we have a lot of debt.

Even when he was in debt, he didn’t ask for approval and didn’t even tell me on the grounds that the business of living is the husband’s business. According to him, I don’t need to know where it came from.

At the beginning of PPKM my husband had a week off for him. And, he said he would work a motorcycle taxi on line during the holidays for income. But in reality he doesn’t leave the house at all and only plays with his cellphone at home.

How upset I am, Bun!

Seeing her husband at home, his only job is playing cellphones, eating, and sleeping. Even invite just play or take care of the child. And, now we are having economic difficulties with our husband’s debt which is quite a lot to make me dizzy.

I was thinking about looking for a job. But my mother forbade it because she was worried that my husband would rely solely on my salary for necessities and to pay off debts. My mother often brought up her disappointment because I had chosen the wrong man and was unable to make me happy.

He also never prayed or taught his son the Koran. But when I’m angry, I like to bring religion and it makes me even more fed up with it

Now my feelings for my husband are numb. Go through everything like running water. Enduring for the sake of the child while continuing to hope that my husband can change for the better. Thank You HiMom has given me the opportunity to share stories about my life.

(Mrs. LH, did not give the location)

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