I Miscarried Twins & In-Law Even Cused Me As Lazy


I’m married and have to go with my husband, which means I’m with my in-laws because we don’t have our own house yet. Initially, before marriage this mother-in-law was very kind. But after marriage, his true nature comes out.

Her husband is the second of three children. That means I have a brother-in-law and coincidentally all of your children are boys. Two days after processing download in-law, I’m still confused about what to do in my new home. At that time my brother-in-law and his wife were at my mother’s house.

I haven’t done any activities such as sweeping, or washing, or even cooking. Then I saw my sister-in-law scrubbing clothes. I offered to change, but my brother-in-law didn’t want to.

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Mother happened to be passing by, just saw me sitting. In the afternoon my mother talked to my husband. He says I have to scrub clothes. I have no problem with that, which I have a problem with because Mom compares me to brother-in-law

Here in this house, I sweep, mop, wash, etc. But the mother felt it was all still lacking. Once, I cooked for my husband. Mom immediately commented on my cooking. Frying cassava according to my taste was also commented less thin and others. Since then, I never cook again.

Grateful for a month of marriage, we immediately found the trust. However, I experienced Hyperemesis gravidarumwhere to just drink water I will throw up.

My mother told me to practice reading a certain chapter of the Qur’an and I said yes. Until one day I droponly in the room all day, can’t eat and is so weak to wake up.

Then the husband brought water and food to the room. Mother immediately got angry because I ate in my room. Yet for me to stand alone feels weak. I know eating in the room looks dirty and it’s not allowed, but this is a different situation.

Entering three months of pregnancy, I’m getting no appetite. Even the smell of fried onions makes me vomit. But I still insist on eating because I’ve been hospitalized twice.

I happen to be at home and not working. My mother-in-law works as a laborer in a tofu factory. So he left in the morning and returned in the evening.

He doesn’t know what I eat. He only knew I never forced to eat. That’s why I’m not fat and my stomach doesn’t look big yet.

My activity is getting up early, straight away okay home and watch tv until noon. Then I ironing dry clothes then take a nap.

But Mother thought that I was alone in my room all day. Without ever going out anywhere. without knowing if I was limp to go for a walk as he asked.

At 15 weeks of pregnancy, I checked with the midwife. And so began the bad news. See what the Midwife was sentenced and the mother-in-law’s reaction on the NEXT PAGE, Bun.

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