If Lectures Can Be Online, Why Not?

Who said that a bachelor’s degree can only be obtained through normal lectures? Now undergraduate degrees can be obtained online. It does not mean buying from the internet, but online lectures. Of course, the easier access to technology, especially in the field of education, will bring up a diverse education system as well. Millennials today are the first generation to experience online lectures. But come to think of it, are online lectures as good as we hear?

Online tuition is a lecture system concept that still sounds new to most of us. Sometimes too many of us still wonder how effective the online lecture system is, and what are the benefits compared to face-to-face lectures? Although still very new, several campuses in Indonesia have effectively implemented online lectures. The following are universities that have implemented an online lecture system and their achievements.

  1. open University

When we hear the word “online college”, not a few of us immediately think “online college? Oh, it’s like UT, isn’t it?”. The Open University is known for its online tuition system and a very open education system, which does not look at the year the applicant graduated and does not limit the time to study. Even so, the Open University is a revolutionary campus and is classified as “The Top Ten Mega University of the World” and one of the members and founders of “The Global Mega-University Network (GMUNET). GMUNET, founded in 2003, is a worldwide network of open universities with more than 100,000 enrolled students.

2. University of Indonesia

University of Indonesia is one of the universities that has provided an online lecture system for quite a long time, namely since 2002. The online lecture system organized by the University of Indonesia uses information and communication technology as a means of supporting the learning process. Maybe for recently, the use of smartphones for college is also familiar. For achievement, the University of Indonesia is definitely not in doubt. It has been in the top 10 best universities in Indonesia for the past few years, and has won a position in the 200 Best Universities according to the BRICS and Emerging Economics Rankings since 2016.

3. Bina Nusantara University

Bina Nusantara University, or better known as BINUS University is known for its information and communication technology (ICT), of course it is not surprising that BINUS provides an online lecture system. BINUS University is known as the best private university in Indonesia (UniRank). In addition, the online lecture system named BINUS Online Learning (BOL) has been accredited to be the best online campus in Indonesia.

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Although the online lecture system is well known to many people, it does not mean that every university can hold online lectures. Online lectures require appropriate standards for the implementation of an online lecture system, especially in the facilities and infrastructure of Information and Communication Technology midwives. Although online lectures do not yet have a high level of interest, they have become an educational solution for various groups of people, especially the employee class. That way, the level of scientific literacy in Indonesia can increase much more easily than before.

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