If your 2016 resolution is to have extra income, here are 2 businesses you should start

Additional income is undeniable to be something that all business people really want, especially web developer businesses like you. However, most of them are confused about finding additional income by starting a business. Are you the one who feels the confusion and confusion? If yes, then you have read the very right article. You will gain knowledge and insight to get additional income from the web developer business and achieve success of course.

1. Start an Online Business / Dropship

Before we discuss further how to start an online business with dropship, you need to first know what dropship is? Dropship is a safekeeping system only in the form of images displayed on the website. If there is an order from your customer, then the supplier will send the product to your customer.

Dropshipping is a traditional business system but is currently being applied to businesses such as online stores. And to start something new, surely you will meet some difficulties. But that doesn’t mean this is an obstacle for you to start an online dropship business. Make this a challenge. Studying with the experts or joining an online business community will broaden your horizons.

2. Start Hosting Business

For those of you, a web developer, you must be familiar with the term hosting because hosting is a very important part when you have finished building a website. And it turns out that this most important part is able to give you the opportunity to get a bigger income. How to?

When you decide to run a hosting business, you don’t have to have a web hosting company first to be able to sell hosting.

Now you are facilitated with reseller hosting services. You just have to subscribe to a reseller hosting service at one of the providers then divide the hosting spaces and set the price according to your wishes + provide your own branding for your business. Very easy to manage and Fortunately,
it can be up to tens of millions of rupiah.

hosting business

Well how? The 2016 resolution ideas above have given you the idea to start an online business right now, right? Don’t delay, take action immediately and get a BIGGER income in 2016. Always success for your business