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ipadguides.id – The moment of graduation at UIN Ar-Raniry Banda Aceh, Wednesday (9/2/2022) was accompanied by tears of emotion from the graduates and their parents.

This is because they are the best graduates who after receiving an award from the Chancellor, immediately kneel down while kissing their parents’ feet, then are greeted with warm hugs.

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Proud of His Son’s Achievement

Image of graduates kissing parents’ feet (Photo: Serambi Tribunnews)

Seen parents who could not contain their emotions, because they are proud of the achievements of the child. Then, at the same time, a graduate of the Arabic Language Study Program (Prodi) FTK UIN Ar-Raniry, Bella Disa Novita, SPd read a poem entitled “My Graduation for Father and Mother”.

“I’m a local kid with all dreams of getting a bachelor’s degree. I am a builder’s son, have earned a bachelor’s degree. Today proudly wearing a toga and standing in front of all of you, “said the stanza of the poem.

“Whatever our parents do, it doesn’t mean they can’t make their children get a bachelor’s degree. Whatever their profession, civil servants, farmers, construction workers, they will definitely feel the struggle to pay for our tuition,” he continued.

“Friends, without them we are nothing. This success and happiness belongs to them, our parents,” reads the message that Bella reads.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion the Chancellor of UIN Ar-Raniry, Prof. Dr. H Warul Walidin AK, MA also reminded the graduates that the pleasure of Allah depends on the pleasure of both parents.

“Therefore, it is appropriate that we always serve and not hurt them,” he said.

He also reminded the graduates that the obligation to serve parents is an obligation for every Muslim after monotheism.

Making Haru, Student Kneeling at Parents’ Feet After Graduation: I’m a Builder’s Son

That’s a review of a number of students who kneel at the feet of their parents because they are proud to be able to get a bachelor’s degree.

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