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ipadguides.id – Recently, there were many students who chose the instant way to do their work by hiring a jockey. However, one of the students’ faults was that they asked for a UAS assignment from one of the alumni from his campus. This has become a hot topic so that the campus alumni feel disappointed with the student.

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Student Chronology Asks Alumni to Do Assignments

In the upload to the Twitter account @unparfess, sharing a instastory from a celebrity named Natyashina related to him who was asked to become a UAS jockey.

The student asked Natyashina to be a jockey in the Introduction to International Relations (PIHI) course. In the screenshot, the student admitted that the UAS assignment from his course was very difficult.

Sis, jockey my UAS please. HI Unpar, it’s me, PIHI subject. It’s hard bro,” wrote the student (9/1/2022).

Natyashina as an alumni of the campus admitted that she was embarrassed by the student’s request. He even told me that even his friend who had difficulty understanding the course tried to learn instead of hiring a task jockey.

As an alumnus of HI Unpar, I’m embarrassed, because my friends used to ask me to teach them at UAS and we’d study together until morning. It’s better not to be able to answer, to fail, to keep repeating, than to succeed but not because of your own efforts, ” wrote Natya.

After that, the student admitted that he was only joking sending DM messages like that. Furthermore, the student said that he had completed the UAS assignment for the course.

Sorry bro, it’s just a joke, it’s nothing. That’s my final exam, I’ve finished it, I’ve been working on it, sissaid the student.

However, the apology instead provoked the fury of a Natashina. Moreover, he said he would report the student to the head of the International Relations department to the lecturer and chancellor of the campus.

Just kidding with the wrong person. The WA numbers of all Unpar HI lecturers are still complete and stupidly on IG they have their full names. It’s so easy to say sorry joking. Not funny wow,” added Natya.

Meanwhile, the related student repeatedly apologized to Natyashina. In fact, he even begged that the contents of his message not be disseminated for public consumption. But his apology was returned with a message that hit Natyashina.

I’m tired of trying to represent UNpar if there is a national meeting or MUN outside, eh, you’re just trying to embarrass yourself,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Natyashina spilled her frustration on the new students who dared to offer her the UAS task jockey. As the best graduate of the campus, he admitted that he would complain to the lecturer so that the student would be deterred.

Unpar freshmen ask for Alumni assignments: I’m tired of trying, you’re actually embarrassing

That’s a review of a new Unpar student who asked for a UAS assignment to one of the alumni and Celebrities named Natyasina.

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