IMPORTANT! These 8 Laws of Social Media for Online Business

Leveraging the power of social media to run a business is a very powerful solution. Social media will make it easier for us to increase the number of audiences and even product sales in our business. Of course, by understanding the rules that exist on social media. This will make it easier for us to post content and do marketing on social media. So what are the actual laws that will apply when we do marketing activities on social media? Here is the answer:

  1. Always listen

One of the secrets of successful online business people doing business on social media is that they are willing and able to listen to their audience well. Audiences need us to listen instead of talk a lot. You can start seeing activity from your target audience. Knowing what they often talk about, what they are interested in and what makes them want to do something to get it. Only then can you create content that suits them. Providing appropriate content will make it easier for us to attract a wider range of customers.

  1. Focus on building a brand

To have a strong brand on social media, of course, we must focus on building our product brand. Content that is focused on the needs of the audience and the products we sell will strengthen our brand. Every audience will easily remember our brand when accessing social media.

  1. Give the best quality

In addition to increasing the amount of production to meet market needs. The most important thing to do is to improve the quality or quality of the product. When business people have done marketing via digital media or social media, they will not see our products. But when they accept, that’s where their judgment will come into play. Product quality will be at stake whether our products can be accepted by the broad market or not.

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  1. learn to be patient


has a large enough opportunity, but social media is not a medium that can produce results in the form of sales right now. Social media does make it easy for us, but still we have to be patient waiting for the results. Commitment to get the desired results is needed.

If you focus on selling on social media, of course the media you use can’t only be of one type. You need to use social media a lot. The more, the more often you appear on your audience’s social media, the more likely you are to be close to customers and get more customers. Likewise with Google, which will easily track your business with keywords spread on social media.

  1. Find the best influencers for your product

Social media is a place where an influencer can influence many audiences. You can search and find influencers that match your business and business target market. Not only getting promotional media for free or cheaper, with influencers you will find it easier to increase your business audience.

  1. Add value to your business

If we directly promote the product on social media, the audience will reject it. But when we add value to our activities on social media, such as adding conversations or creating content that your audience really needs, then this will add more value to your business.

  1. Don’t ignore the audience

One of the mistakes that many business people make in the online world is ignoring the audience. They will focus more on the posted content, but unintentionally ignore the audience. This is something that needs to be fixed immediately. Audience is the key to a successful campaign on social media. Respond to audience comments or questions, making them feel that they are not talking to a robot, but to a human.

If it’s like this, do you still want to be ignored? Social media does provide a lot of convenience for us in running a business. But if you don’t take it seriously, it won’t give you the results you want. Some rules to the law that must be done are also given for social media.

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