In order to sell motorbikes, Afghan students in Malang must be willing to be cheated – Student Zone – In order to sell his motorbike, a foreign student must be willing to lose his motorbike. The incident happened to one of the students from Afghanistan who was studying at one of the big campuses in Malang.

This incident certainly became a source of sadness for Sayed Momin Hashemi (24), who is a UMM student and had to give up his possessions in the form of a motorbike that disappeared somewhere.

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The Beginning of Being Deceived

Illustration of a transaction (Photo: Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs)

At first, Sayed Momin Hashemi wanted to sell his Yamaha N-Max motorcycle license number L 5321 FX. The desire was finally chosen by peddling or offering his motorbike using social media. Where, indeed, currently social media is very useful in selling or buying certain goods.

“I want to sell the motorbike, I offer it through Facebook, there is also a buying and selling website,” he said, quoted from Radar Malang, Wednesday (07/04/2021).

Finally, there was an enthusiast who wanted to buy a motorcycle from the victim. To sell it, Sayed held a meeting with cash on delivery (COD) directly with the motorcycle buyer.

The prospective buyer finally came to Sayed’s house, namely Permata Hijau Housing, Tlogomas Village, Lowokwaru District, Malang City, Saturday, around 17.00.

He claimed to be a stone man and chartered an angkot car with an orange color.

“He claims to be a Batu man. He came to Permata Hijau by chartering an orange angkot,” Sayed said.

“He also asked about the motor, if there was a problem, then tried the gas, pull and so on,” he added.

The buyer also asked about the problem with the motorbike and asked Sayed. Until finally he tried to test drive the bike to see if there were any problems or not.

But unfortunately, the bike eventually disappeared. Where, Sayed waited seven to ten minutes finally the bicycle did not come either. He even asked the angkot driver and the driver said he was new and had not paid for a car charter of 250 thousand.

The perpetrator, who was thin and had dark skin, did not come and took Sayed’s motorbike. For this incident, Sayed reported to the Klojen police to reveal the case that happened to him.

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Want to sell motorbikes, Afghan students in Malang have to be willing to be cheated

That’s a glimpse of the work information from being deceived by foreign students in Malang, hopefully the bike will be investigated by the police soon.

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