Inaba University Bandung Students Sue Chancellor Due to Expensive UKT Protest – Student Zone – University of Indonesia Building Students (Inaba) Bandung, sued the Chancellor regarding the issuance of a Decree (SK) drop out aka DO. He sued through the State Administrative Court (PTUN) with the assistance of LBH Bandung.

The lawsuit was filed by a student at the Inaba University Bandung named Muhammad Arie. The case began when Arie participated in a demonstration to sue the campus regarding free quotas to cutting tuition fees during the pandemic.

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Chronology of Students Sue Chancellor

Portrait of Inaba Bandung students during a demonstration in front of the DPR Building (Photo: Pasjabar)

Students who took part in the demonstration said that many of their parents were economically affected during the pandemic crisis. Therefore, a number of students who are members of the Inaba Student Alliance have voiced lower tuition fees.

They think that the demo is reasonable, considering that during lectures online, students do not feel the campus facilities. Arie also explained that many students complained about the facility.

“This is complained by either the employee class students or new students who have never enjoyed campus facilities at all,” said Arie, citing Suara.

Furthermore, the demonstration event has been carried out several times on campus until the end of 2020. Precisely in January last year, the campus responded to the student action by suspending 20 students who took part in the demonstration.

Regardless, Inaba’s student alliance still hasn’t completely subsided. Because, they opened the Post for Concerning the Inaba Suspension Student as a form of solidarity to the form of pressure on the related campus.

Then, in September 2021, the suspension period for the students had expired and they were allowed to enter the odd semester. However, in contrast to Arie, who apparently received Do’s letter via email. In fact, the campus sent the letter to his grandmother’s house.

“I was given a DO letter via email and sent to my grandmother’s house. I asked the reason for giving the DO letter but there was no clear answer,” he added.

For this reason, Arie also filed an objection letter against the campus on September 15, 2021. However, the campus did not respond to it, so the student filed an appeal which continued to a lawsuit to the PTUN.

Bandung Inaba University Students Sue Chancellor Due to Expensive UKT Protest

That’s a review of the lawsuit by Inaba Bandung University students against their chancellor regarding the free quota to the expensive UKT fees during the pandemic.

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