Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Optimization and Best Financial Planning for Businesses

Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Optimization and Best Financial Planning for Businesses

How to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and build good financial planning can help business people so that their business can survive or even produce revenue the greater one.

Therefore, Lifepal invites 8 business actors to collaborate in the webinar activity “Double Your Organic Traffic Using SEO and The Best Financial Planning For Your Business”.

The 8 SMEs/MSMEs/Startups who joined this webinar consisted of Mebiso, Aludi, Storelogy, Coding Studio, Niomic, Jagoan Hosting, Lucky Laku and Gits Indonesia.

In this webinar, the material was presented by the Head of SEO, Dudung Rahmanto and Lifepal Financial Planner, Aulia Akbar, CFP®, AEPP®.

Increase Organic Traffic with SEO Optimization and Best Financial Planning for Businesses

The presence of speakers related to digital marketing and financial planningbusiness people can find out about managing their business to optimizing SEO to increase sales.

The importance of optimizing organic traffic

Organic traffic is visitors who come to website You are organic and free, without having to use paid advertising.

Optimizing organic traffic through SEO is the best marketing tool for generating leads.

Therefore, to increase sales, you can use various techniques, such as creating quality content and doing keyword research.

There are at least two benefits of organic traffic optimization, including:

1. Expand customer reach

2. Increasing popularity website

As explained earlier, optimizing SEO is one of the right ways to get organic traffic. The question now, how to optimize organic traffic?

The following are the methods as described by Dudung Rahmanto, Head of SEO

1. Keyword research

Research keywords before creating content for website You are the first thing to do. To do so, you can use several tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Ubbersuggest.

If you manage to find the right keywords and quality content, you can be sure website You will appear on the first page of Google.

That way, you have a great chance to be on the first page of Google.

2. Create the right content

To increase organic traffic, the other thing to do is to create the right articles or content.

  • There is a search volume >100
  • Related to the vertical/product being sold
  • SEO Friendly

In addition, you must “Kepo keywords” used by competitors by checking them through Google or Ahrefs.

3. Optimize SEO on page and off page

To increase organic traffic, what can be done is content production informational/transactions are done every day. Creating a lot of content, it will increase the traffic.

4. The index must be precise, because it must monitor it

Monitor performance/ how many results, drop/flat/do not change how much. Just did content optimization.

5. Rank (by page 1, and above page 1)

Dividing category by category based on page 1 and above page 1.

Curious organic traffic another website

Another step that must be taken is to be curious about the keywords competitors use by following these steps:

1. Content: Produce quality and quantity content; includes all organic requests.

2. Optimization: Increase DROP keyword position every day.

3. Website Audit: Fix related page issues desktop or mobile.

4. Align Market Trends: Find and check related trending keywords niche You.

In addition to optimizing SEO to increase organic traffic so that website can develop quickly, Lifepal also invites skilled business actors to manage financial planning.

Lifepal Financial Planner, Aulia Akbar, CFP®, AEPP® describes ways that businesses can do to have good financial planning.

Financial security

This financial security should be your top priority before focusing on the future.

Because, without good financial security, it is very likely that we will spend large amounts of funds, or even lose assets when we face risks in life.

Know your business

Before developing a business, of course, you must first understand the business you are running well. Therefore, it is important to have a business plan in order to maintain the financial health of your business.

To make it happen, keep a record of your business finances so you can identify your financial health well. Also, keep your personal and business accounts separate.

Financial health

As a business actor, of course you have to separate your personal and business accounts to simplify the process of recording your business and financial cash flows.

Therefore, you can pay yourself to keep the financial health of the business awake. Expenditures on salaries will go into the operating expenses of your business.

While the net profit obtained can certainly be used for business expansion needs.

Have a fixed monthly expenses

Running a business, of course, must accept the fact that business has an unpredictable cycle.

Your monthly income can be erratic or be smaller than usual. There are also moments when you don’t get any income at all because of business risks.

To deal with these conditions, you have to make monthly expenses for daily needs always fixed.

That way, you can calculate how much emergency funds and insurance coverage are needed.

Don’t forget the emergency fund

Being a business actor must accept the condition that the income obtained is not fixed. That is why, you must have an adequate emergency fund to mitigate risks when you cannot print a net income from the business.

If you are a new business actor, you can prepare an emergency fund equivalent to 2 years of expenses.

Protect yourself with the best protection

As an entrepreneur, you must protect yourself with the best protection, in this case health insurance to avoid the loss or depletion of savings due to a number of risks or disasters that befall you.

If you don’t have insurance and only have a limited budget to pay for health insurance, then you can have inpatient insurance first. As for outpatient care, you can take advantage of BPJS Health.

In addition to equipping yourself with health insurance, as the main breadwinner you are obliged to protect your family by having life insurance.

Those are the best tips for optimizing digital marketing and financial planning for business people. Hope it is useful!

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